Gaia vs. ATB – Aisha’s Ecstasy (Paul Gabriel Mashup Bootleg)

0 Gaia vs. ATB   Aishas Ecstasy (Paul Gabriel Mashup Bootleg)Title: Gaia vs. ATB – Aisha’s Ecstasy (Paul Gabriel Mashup/Bootleg)
Paul Gabriel Mashup: Armin van Buuren presents Gaia – Aisha (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) vs. ATB – Ecstasy (Acapella)

Original Videos by: Gabriela Torres & Pedro Torres
Video Edit by: mrX

Duration : 0:7:55

25 Responses to “Gaia vs. ATB – Aisha’s Ecstasy (Paul Gabriel Mashup Bootleg)”


    good music …
    good music beautiful video

  • Roberto Carlos brito says:

    just great

    just great

  • alfianmm says:

    trance videos are …
    trance videos are most beautiful…

  • EURASadventure says:

    fantastic! the very …
    fantastic! the very best I’ve ever seen!

  • marionetemanJ says:

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    Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  • james johnson says:

    Best music video iv …
    Best music video iv seen , this song has been on many of my adventures , thanks so making it my Ecstasy,

  • Velimir Tripunovic says:

    great bootleg whit …
    great bootleg whit this vocal

  • Орест Гумен says:

    sounds of nature!!!
    sounds of nature!!!

  • joanne thompson says:

    absolutely blown …
    absolutely blown away by pure bliss and back to where i should be and where i never left…home xx…thank you x

  • nando torres says:

    the images are …
    the images are taken from a blue ray disc that is called “Esto Es Mèxico”

  • A Vg says:

    Wow this video is …
    Wow this video is amazing! Really!

  • SoundsOfSushi says:

    this was an awesome …
    this was an awesome video. great slow motions scenes with the perfect mash-up in the background.

  • ArtuRooCHANNEL says:

    AWESOME MASH-UP !!! <3

  • THEWIZARDDK1 says:

    Beautiful video, …
    Beautiful video, good music ;) nice job ;)

  • TJackx0 says:

    what is this place …
    what is this place, in the water?

  • Hugo Peterssen says:

    Cascada Las Nubes …
    Cascada Las Nubes = Eternity
    the video producer is just perfect so congratulations and the remix is not excellent but is an interesting work.

  • xavier arguello says:

    The video images …
    The video images are from mexico

  • juan francisco León Monsalve says:

    glory this sound …
    glory this sound woow

  • Gagan Dhaliwal says:

    Shit remix. Cant …
    remix. Cant beat the original

  • lorik33ful says:

    Часть клипа у Ван …
    Часть клипа у Ван Бюрена видела,при всей любви к АТВ, музыка Армина больше за душу берёт….огромный respekt создателю клипа ,поистине всю красоту музыки передаёт….

  • ShivaRussia says:

    Побольше таких …
    Побольше таких красивых видео!

  • csaba kelemen says:

    Te quiero la …
    Te quiero la natura del DIOS,viva MEXICO viva America latino latigo él DIOS UNGARO!!!

  • Александр Сергеевич says:

    animals took drugs …
    animals took drugs????such quiet…crocodile, leopard….

  • vasyavydyhai says:

    заебись вода
    заебись вода

  • Kilojoule94 says:

    So beautiful video …
    So beautiful video and music o___o

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