How To Make Chicken Cordon Bleu on Ecstasy – Do Anything Stoned Ep. 3

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Date night doesn’t have to be intimidating when Marty Adams is around to teach you how to make chicken cordon bleu.

Byron Brown
Kelli Bland
Kirk Johnson

Written & Directed by: David Ward

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Duration : 0:3:50

17 Responses to “How To Make Chicken Cordon Bleu on Ecstasy – Do Anything Stoned Ep. 3”

  • 1Robot2u says:

    Chicken Cordon …
    Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds delicious.

  • TooWeirdTooRare420 says:


  • Gary Fauvelle says:

    The quickest way to …
    The quickest way to a women’s heart is through her mouth…Hahahahahahahhahahahah­ah!!! :/

  • stevendidntsay says:

    Ok, I’ve done step …
    Ok, I’ve done step 2 and I’m rubbing butter on my nipples. Anyone know where Steve’s house is at?

  • Illjustwait says:

    Hooray! These are …
    Hooray! These are my favorite vids:D

  • KinkyCactusFace says:

    It was okay.. I …
    It was okay.. I liked the first two better though

  • gr8pillock says:

    I wasn’t sold on …
    I wasn’t sold on this one after the butter nipples (which really, there’s nothing better)… Til the house burned down!

  • Dingoman9126 says:

    I want “the …
    I want “the quickest way to a woman’s heart is through her mouth” to be on my tombstone. 

  • BigKozy77 says:

    YES MAN! I’ve been …
    YES MAN! I’ve been waiting on more of these! More MoRe MORE!!!!!

  • IYIasta says:

    Honestly, I’ve …
    Honestly, I’ve never been this excited for a YouTube vid before, great work and I can’t wait for future episodes!

  • Bradley Jackson says:

    I want to hire …
    I want to hire Marty for a private party.

  • Michael Robbins says:

    This series is the …
    This series is the only reason I subscribed in the first place. With the months without this series I had unsubscribed…

    So please keep them coming. They’re the best thing you guys make.

  • 10litai says:

    finally! now of i …
    finally! now of i go to buy ecstasy

  • johnny4727 says:

    At long last! …
    At long last! Hilarious!

  • Marlo Claudio says:

    completely …
    completely hilarious xD

  • chikmagnet7 says:

    That’s cool, but …
    That’s cool, but can you make ecstasy on cordon bleu?

  • itsgonnarain6 says:

    yessssssssss new …
    yessssssssss new subscriber, subscribed just for this!!!!!!

    also, im sorry, but FIRST :P

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