NAMM ’13 – Bogner Amplification Atma Amp & Ecstasy Blue, Ecstasy Red, and Uberschall Pedal Demos

0 NAMM 13   Bogner Amplification Atma Amp & Ecstasy Blue, Ecstasy Red, and Uberschall Pedal Demos PG’s Rich Osweiler is on location in Anaheim, California, for the 2013 NAMM Show where he visits the Bogner Amplification booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear demos of Bogner’s newest amp, the Atmn, and their three newest pedals: Ecstasy Blue, Ecstasy Red, and Uberschall.

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Duration : 0:14:26

17 Responses to “NAMM ’13 – Bogner Amplification Atma Amp & Ecstasy Blue, Ecstasy Red, and Uberschall Pedal Demos”

  • draggboy says:

    What is that guitar …
    What is that guitar? Anybody? That thing is freaking amazing.

  • rarch1968 says:

    Excellent demo & …
    Excellent demo & review.

  • spameister says:

    Err… American …
    Err… American company building products in America, who’s founder happens to be German, and this is a ‘German amp’? Bizarre logic. What’s your point anyway, why can’t this guy use this amp?

  • checkie4ever says:

    I tried both blue …
    I tried both blue and red pedals before my god old Rollie JC-120 and goodness. I’d swear it’s the best tube amp. You have to try these for your sake.

  • checkie4ever says:

    I have the same …
    I have the same view lately. Everything just seems so cool.

  • AirBloom Amplifiers says:

    Isn’t it wonderful …
    Isn’t it wonderful that most of a guitar player’s good tone or bad tone is attributable to him or her? All the gear seems to be designed to make everyone sound the same.

  • DMSProduktions says:

    So? Thats NOT what …
    So? Thats NOT what I asked!
    Bogner IS German!

  • coffeewaldo says:

    What’s wrong with …
    What’s wrong with an aussie demoing a Bogner? Irwin is refreshing in the world of same old same old. Like Rob Chappers for example. Sick to death of him. Down below why do u have to bring him up? He has nothing to do with this.

  • Hollis Prince says:

    I really love all …
    I really love all of Bogner’s designs. Reinhold really has his finger on the pulse of what today’s guitarists want for tone, aesthetics, and features.

  • spameister says:

    Been made in …
    Been made in California since forever…

  • DMSProduktions says:

    WHAT is an Aussie …
    WHAT is an Aussie doing presenting a German amp?
    Oh meine Gott! Von himmel!

  • LegoBen says:

    01:06 Who else …
    01:06 Who else heard someone voicing a guitar solo in the background?

  • wayne smith says:

    the Atma is just a …
    the Atma is just a nice thick,sweet voiced amp with so much variation

  • Ollie Manson says:


  • Fano More says:

    you are way off …
    you are way off base. if you can’t tell the difference between these amps and Marshall or Fender you need your hearing checked

  • Fano More says:


  • Fano More says:

    nice job rich <3
    nice job rich <3

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