Roland Gaia SH-01 patches by Alba Ecstasy part1

0 Roland Gaia SH 01 patches by Alba Ecstasy part1BUY THE ORIGINAL SOUND SET OF PATCHES on
Thank you!
Alba Ecstasy

Duration : 0:4:14

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  • Alba Ecstasy says:

    Yes, the patches …
    Yes, the patches are created by myself and can be downloaded from my website. See description please.

  • LexxTheSkullptor says:

    Awesome,some nice …
    Awesome,some nice sounds are they the only sounds available to download?and you create the patches yourself?Thanks LexxtheSkullptor=))

  • Alba Ecstasy says:

    Hello! I had the …
    Hello! I had the Gaia for a couple of weeks (for this demo) but I felt in love with it! As I remember, I used in few songs the Gaia synchronized with other synth and I had no problem. You can set the tempo by tapping (the tap button). You can see an example on “Electric night memories part 2″.

  • weaponEX says:

    Hello Sir,
    It looks …

    Hello Sir,
    It looks like you have a few keyboards back there, I suspect that you’re knowledgeable in the ways of MIDI?
    I’m very close to buying a Gaia (2nd hand) for a live trace band that I’m joining – and have read nothing but bad things about how the Gaia’s arpeggiator doesn’t receive MIDI clock inputs so well. You can’t set the BPM manually coz there’s no screen!

    If, as a Gaia owner, you are able to comment on how well the Gaia synchronizes with other tempo-sources, I’d be grateful.

  • Augustoeg says:

    Is it good for …
    Is it good for making patches? I mean…can I create real different sounds? or i’m stuck in variations of the factory presets?

  • IaxobusJames says:


  • leadfarmer13 says:

    how can i get ur …
    how can i get ur patches

  • Alba Ecstasy says:

    thank you :) 
    thank you :) 

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