hazelden equestrian centre saddlery and rosettes

0 hazelden equestrian centre saddlery and rosettesthis place really is amazing.

Duration : 0:1:17

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14 Responses to “hazelden equestrian centre saddlery and rosettes”

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @dbssux i’m sure i …
    @dbssux i’m sure i put a video of you in it? he was sold to a wee girl, he will probablly eat her alive :L miss you too :( xxxxxxxxx

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @madchick44 yeahh …
    @madchick44 yeahh it is :) x

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @hollycee011 yeahh …
    @hollycee011 yeahh it’s so dirty we just abuse the horses constantly the bhs are gnna come and get us :/ thankks :) loove yaa xxxxxxx

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @XxXxPrettyPonyxXxX …
    @XxXxPrettyPonyxXxX it is the bees kneez :D x

  • dbssux says:

    awww im in it in a …
    awww im in it in a picture :D woooop
    awww ivors gone? where?
    and new puppy, so cute :D
    miss it and you guys xxxxxxxxxxx

  • madchick44 says:

    looks really funnn
    looks really funnn

  • hollycee011 says:

    why did you make a …
    why did you make a video of this awfull place?!
    wait a few days and theyll have a video up of the amazing competition yard ;)
    ahaaa amazing video :’) and amazing riding:O
    loveyouu xxxxxxxxx

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @MintyBabesxo haha, …
    @MintyBabesxo haha, it’s amazing it’s like my second home. i wld die without it :L xxxxxxx

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @ClareSLovesHorsesX …
    @ClareSLovesHorsesX thanks :) x

  • XxXxPrettyPonyxXxX says:

    Looks amazing!x
    Looks amazing!x

  • MintyBabesxo says:

    okay you’ve just …
    okay you’ve just made me wanna go to Hazelden even more than i did before ;P
    its looks aceeee! ;D

  • ClareSLovesHorsesX says:

    loove it <3 :D xxxx
    loove it <3 :D xxxx

  • xxsarahwilsonxx says:

    @indialovexx the …
    @indialovexx the black bit liike half way through was you and pablo at lauries but who knows how it dissapeared:L i really loike the onle of u and paddy going across the diagonal :) thankyou, love you too chickenn :D xxxxx

  • indialovexx says:

    thanks putting the …
    thanks putting the worst ones of me in haha! love it and loveyooooou!xxx

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