Andria – heroin addict, full story

0 Andria    heroin addict, full storyFrom Brought up amidst a good deal of violence, Andria started experimenting with drugs from an early age. In her teens she found opiates – and loved them. She spent the next 15 years in the midst of heroin addiction, subjecting herself to all kinds of violence and brutality througout. Now heroin free for 16 years, this is her story.

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  • taildragger53 says:

    Very sincere . I …
    Very sincere . I worked at a re-hab clinic in 1972 and i agree with you 100%.
    It’s a terrible thing how we beat ourselves up in order to get through life.
    Thank you for this video.

  • jozsefkacsa says:

    Jim Carroll said …
    Jim Carroll said it perfectly”‘when you’re addicted to Heroin you wanna stop you’re really do!,But it’s like a Dream and you can’t stop or quit a Dream”Well ppl can say whatever they want to If you ‘re not Addicted to Heroin and din’t go through the process of Addiction.the pleasure,Euphoria the of withdrawals,the Rehabs. Methadone,quitting,relapsing,Using again than the loss of many,many”Friends”and Acquaitances they CANNOT judge Heroin addicts!!!!

  • jozsefkacsa says:

    I can tell u from …
    I can tell u from my experience about the gateway Drugs(Alcohol and Weed)99.9%of hard Drug Addicts start with Alcohol and Weed that’s a fact!!That doesn’t mean that everyone who drinks an smokes weed will become a Heroin addict.Not even everyone whose using Opiates will become an addict.Many ppl can control their use and only the ones who have the genetics for Addiction!Like I can always be able to handle alcohol or cocaine but with Opiates I have an addiction and if I use once can’t stop

  • David Graham Scott says:

    I have great …
    I have great respect for this woman. She displays the courage and sensitivity that is a very common trait in older ex-users…(and I am the same age as her so that comes from some of my own experiences too!!)

  • 05candyman says:

    this is such a …
    this is such a bogus story, i love how she starts it off with weed as the gate way drug, to alcohol, she wet the bed, went crazy. what is this crap

  • Andria E-M says:

    Is there a private …
    Is there a private way to message U through here if you still want to? Uhm sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you but I’ve only just seen this (I is v busy these days; lone parent on meds for illness. That’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it!)

  • Andria E-M says:

    Soulfly, U are …
    Soulfly, U are funny  xxx

  • SoulflySouls says:

    I Like Her Che …
    I Like Her Che Guevara & Jimi Hendrix Poster

  • queensgate1 says:

    Iv battled with it …
    Iv battled with it for 4/5 yrs and currently on treatment prog for third time, iv sadly relapsed twice but determined to get free of the shackles as life is hard enough without it, it has become vicious circle but il wont give up.
    Best wishes x

  • Andria E-M says:

    Thanks a lot for …
    Thanks a lot for this.. Sure needed it today xxx

  • Andria E-M says:

    Just seen this. Is …
    Just seen this. Is there a way that we can write to each other off this list that you know of?

  • queensgate1 says:

    Sound woman with a …
    Sound woman with a realistic angle on drug use, total respect for her honesty and for her abstainance of 15 yrs, that is some major achievment and unless you have personallyy been there you wouldnt know, its not always as simple as a matter of choice as heroin/opiate use is more often symptomatic of a culmination of many things impacting on you that you struggle to deal with . . . thankyou for posting this you re a good and decent woman .

  • joshy1ification says:

    message me ill …
    message me ill teltell you my story

  • Andria E-M says:

    Let me help
    Let me help

  • joshy1ification says:

    KUDOS I have a …
    KUDOS I have a person in mind for help how did you manage it

  • Kaylani Foster says:

    your a very honest …
    your a very honest person im glad you posted this video and I have lots of respect for you and the fact that you do your best to stay strong.

  • Andria E-M says:

    Thanks. It’s very …
    Thanks. It’s very strange seeing oneself on screen…not that it’s the first time, but maybe this was the first time I got so much time to express myself about drug use for so long

  • dantefede says:

    thanks for sharing …
    thanks for sharing your story

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