Heroin addiction on the rise in Pakistan

0 Heroin addiction on the rise in PakistanIslamabad struggles to cope with the spike in heroine addiction across the country.

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25 Responses to “Heroin addiction on the rise in Pakistan”

  • JogBird says:

    How can these ppl …
    How can these ppl afford to do heroin?

  • JuanVoyce says:

    @lastpoet1 Who is …
    @lastpoet1 Who is the “UK” is this case?

  • GreenRebellion33 says:

    Kamal Hyder, …
    I<3 his accent :)

  • TheEsotericDesi says:

    @oceanbound222 Well …
    @oceanbound222 Well, US isn’t putting crack in their mouth.. :-P

  • TheEsotericDesi says:

    Good… It’ll keep …
    Good… It’ll keep Pakistanis busy… :-P

  • Midnightryder7 says:

    with everything …
    with everything going on over in Pakistan…can u blame them for wanting to be high all the time?..I much would rather overdose then get shot in the streets

  • JunnyICurosi says:

    @SXJULIE They can’t …
    @SXJULIE They can’t understand quaint Jewish accents.

  • TheChiefAtlas says:


    haram. …


  • jradetzky says:

    Heroin is halal
    Heroin is halal

  • jradetzky says:

    @SXJULIE You are. …
    @SXJULIE You are. Don’t post stupid comments on youtube if you’re afraid of trolls like me

  • khansahb8 says:

    This is what …
    This is what happens when you let Afghans into the country.

  • oceanbound222 says:



  • lumpfish99 says:

    nwo eugenics …
    nwo eugenics program…..

  • shanepaulcoward says:

    That’s what happens …
    That’s what happens when the CIA are in control of the opium fields. Bankrupt imperialist MOFO.

  • DeathMeds says:

    Where are the …
    Where are the statistics and figures for this supposed increase in heroin addiction?
    Stupid douchebags, you remind me of the BBC and U.S news broadcasts

  • IranContraScumDid911 says:

    CIA drug operations …
    CIA drug operations. Karzai the CIA puppet and his family as well as warlord buddies ship out plane loads full of opium and return from Europe with plane loads of cash. Pakistan is the most corrupt piece of SH#! on the face of the planet. Of course the most corrupt people in the world, next to Obama and his cartel, would jump at the chance to run drug operations to the thriving markets in Pakistan

  • SXJULIE says:

    @Saktoth I notice …
    @Saktoth I notice this comment was not removed.

  • SXJULIE says:

    Apparantly one can …
    Apparantly one can not state that they can’t understand the reporter without their comment being removed. Trying to help Al Jazeera!

  • SXJULIE says:

    @jradetzky WTF????? …
    @jradetzky WTF????? Mind your own business. Who was talking to you?

  • SXJULIE says:

    @MegaWave81 buzz …
    @MegaWave81 buzz off.

  • Vengrence says:

    @xtinct2 Check up …
    @xtinct2 Check up on the Opium Wars.

  • HarpSama says:


  • Leialoha2 says:

    @shan9usfc Lol!
    @shan9usfc Lol!

  • xtinct2 says:

    @lastpoet1 what …
    @lastpoet1 what happened 100 yrs ago?

  • Lupodemare says:

    @blackb3ard911 …
    @blackb3ard911 pakistan isnt a state. US destroy all the state structurs, with there crime system

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