Heroin on the NHS – Part 1 of 3

0 Heroin on the NHS   Part 1 of 3Dr Clive Froggatt, Margaret Thatcher’s advisor on NHS reform and a former secret heroin addict, was forced to resign from his advisory role when he was discovered faking prescriptions to feed his habit. He argues, from a very personal perspective, that the Government must prescribe heroin if it is to stand any chance of beating the drugs problem that costs this country billions of pounds every year.

Further reading on alternatives to the failed war on drugs can be found at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation website – http://tdpf.org.uk/

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24 Responses to “Heroin on the NHS – Part 1 of 3”

  • herbalpeace says:

    one of the better …
    one of the better heroin documentaries i’ve seen.

  • zygi22 says:

    you’re an idiot.
    you’re an idiot.

  • urbex2007 says:

    why can’t the UK, …
    why can’t the UK, crime would fall overnight…

  • qaching says:

    crime rate is down …
    crime rate is down 60 %
    but the use of heroin is up 60 %…

  • john benjamin says:

    manofbullshit.you …
    manofbullshit.you are an idiot,we are not all the same,you silly fuck.its got all to do with being lazy and not wanting to work.

  • misterblobbys says:

    wow hello Mrs …
    wow hello Mrs Thatcher I didn’t realise you had a youtube account

  • looni3 says:

    Institutions will …
    Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.

  • ExistentialQuestions says:

    The “War on Drugs”, …
    The “War on Drugs”, pioneered by the USA, is the biggest waste of our tax money and yet the government continues to ignore key advisors and maintains this inefficient campaign. The amount of drug abusers (and I don’t mean that as derogatory) continues to increase alongside expenditure on the “War”. Something has to give, and I can’t see it being the abusers.

  • sowhatsnew205 says:

    …but you’re the …
    …but you’re the clear idiot here for the type of reply you just made. Being profane to someone doesn’t make you right. So if they are poor then they can get off their arse and find a legitimate way to make money like others. Dealers are greedy vultures who pray on the addicts. It wouldn’t bother me if they were all dead or in prison to be honest with you. Government endorsement of controlled heroin subscription will save a lot of tears.

  • dylan thorn says:

    how would everyone …
    how would everyone live in peace?? why u think people sell drugs in the first place?? cuz theyre broke they need money. thats not peace .. idiot

  • nadan karabeg says:

    i used heroin still …
    i used heroin still 11 years but i only snort and smoke

  • Straylight100 says:

    Because the US …
    Because the US government is deeply involved in the drugs trade, protecting Afghan warlords, & raising billions of dollars through secret deals with the mafia.

  • simeyD says:

    wow, what a man.
    wow, what a man.

  • KAREN OSWALD says:


  • TheDinneen says:

    Yes, but you can …
    Yes, but you can also die of a paracetamol overdose – and it only takes double the standard dose for some! Hell, even water can cause fatal OD – 2 litres (four large glasses) can be fatal in certain cases. Illegal heroin is certainly the most dangerous of all of the common drugs, yet, in pure form with a known dose it is one of the safest – the irony!!!

  • SethHesio says:

    The best thing to …
    The best thing to do is to see your doctor and be very open about your problems. Then they can prescribe medication and advise you where to go from therre. Mine put me on a medication that drastically improved my mental well being, and got me in contact with a drug and alcohol help center. From there I had one on one counselling and went to group meetings and went to other meetings they had, including guided meditation. It’s changed my life for the better, and that’s what I’d advise to anyone.

  • Matty Dubs says:

    I need help with …
    I need help with opiate addiction! I have made a new channel and have posted my first video! Check it out if you can. Thank you. Thumbs up so others can see.


  • SethHesio says:

    I don’t have …
    I don’t have children but when I do, that would be an unthinkable thing to have to deal with. Having a child addicted to heroin. I don’t know what I would do, I would have to go to the drug dealers and make sure that they got any drugs that they needed if that was what my child had to have. But I would do everything in my power to get them clean and off of the drug. As an ex alcoholic I know how hard it is to get out of an addiction; heroin is the worst, but it can be done.

  • SethHesio says:

    Brighton has the …
    Brighton has the highest drug rate death in england? That’s surprising. I would have thought it would be somewhere up North or perhaps nearer London.

  • SethHesio says:

    Exactly. Just look …
    Exactly. Just look at the US during prohibition. The criminals got wealthy, booze was more expensive and the cheap stuff that was sold could kill you because it was usually something in place of alcohol that was a poison. The exact same model of prohibition used for drugs created the same situation. Like the doctor says at the beginning of this doc, Heroin in its pure form is a clean and safe drug, it’s the criminalisation of it that makes it a killer.

  • MrAKjosh says:

    See what you can …
    See what you can spend money on when your not buying bombs.

  • sowhatsnew205 says:

    government’s war on …
    government’s war on drugs cost 3 billion a year but to legalise would make the government’s millions of pounds, would be safer for the addict, the dealers go down the drain and everyone lives in peace. so why are the police targeting the poor addict when they know the problem is in their policy making and laws.

  • LfunkeyA says:

    thanks for your …
    thanks for your elaboration

  • sowhatsnew205 says:

    you haven’t a clue …
    you haven’t a clue about addiction mate. You are very wrong.

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