Heroine addict keeps nodding off at work

0 Heroine addict keeps nodding off at workThis guy was known to go shoot heroine on his lunch break and would return in this condition.

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17 Responses to “Heroine addict keeps nodding off at work”

  • OrganicSoapChic says:

    That dude looks …
    That dude looks like he gets some really good shit..lol..

  • 7jaryan7 says:

    @SweetJaneofGoth …
    @SweetJaneofGoth that does not make sense

  • SweetJaneofGoth says:

    Like these junkies …
    Like these junkies get all the breaks. If you don’t use drugs employers treat you like because if you have a habit you will work harder and cheaper to buy drugs and will lie to customers like a mother fucker.

  • faegrrrl says:

    @h3fst3r Yup. I …
    @h3fst3r Yup. I just find it so sad. SO sad. I just don’t understand, with that knowledge in these people’s heads, what makes them do it that 1st time KNOWING they’re going to be hooked and probably never get off of it. I feel sorry for them.

  • faegrrrl says:

    @h3fst3r So you …
    @h3fst3r So you like your heroin, is that what you’re saying? What’s your point man?

  • h3fst3r says:

    @faegrrrl You have …
    @faegrrrl You have to choose to go out and seek and pay for heroine… Not the same as MRSA.

  • h3fst3r says:

    @faegrrrl Well put. …
    @faegrrrl Well put. I agree with everything you said, except for the “they didn’t know they would give up their lives” part. As we all know, the dangers of simply trying heroine has been well known for decades.

  • faegrrrl says:

    @h3fst3r These …
    @h3fst3r These people who choose to do this drug, for whatever reason; to escape their past ie: abuse or whatever, have ONLY a 1 or 2% chance of EVER getting off this drug for good.
    I feel SO sorry for them. Why? Because they didn’t know that they would give up their lives for a drug the first time they did it. Some don’t care, no. Some had/have absolutely no clue.
    I go through videos like this when I find out people I know are trying this crap & save them to SHOW them how stupid they look.

  • faegrrrl says:

    @macstreve If …
    @macstreve If TREATED it is an infection. If untreated, it can lead to numerous other issues, depending on the treatment, can be untreatable by so many antibiotics.
    Like addiction, staph lives in us naturally. And like addiction, it seems to affect others more & differently.
    Diabetes IS a disease. If this person had that, would that make him a loser? I think that’s a fair question. Diabetes is maintainable as can be addiction.
    MRSA,diabetes & addiction are all 3 deadly. That is my whole point.

  • macstreve says:

    @faegrrrl isn’t …
    @faegrrrl isn’t mrsa a staph infection?

  • 18iser says:

    Heroin feels good …
    Heroin feels good man, but seriously at work?

  • h3fst3r says:

    @cottone592 I …
    @cottone592 I imagine being so hooked on Heroine that you do it at work can be quite depressing. Remember one thing as you freak out and wish bad things on me. This man CHOSE to do Heroine one day, in a time that’s very far away from when people didn’t know the dangers of trying such an addicting drug. Anyone who dares to try it is just insane. This is one drug that puts you in position to make a conscious decision on whether or not you want to risk ruining your life to try it.

  • faegrrrl says:

    @jenyaneff He has a …
    @jenyaneff He has a disease. If he had MRSA would that make him a loser?

  • azjscott says:

    HA HA….That …
    HA HA….That is funn. Every time he goes into his narco nod you play that music. I used to work with a guy and he was a friend of mine. He would nod off and smack his face on his keypad. I filmed it but would never post it. He was a good friend of mine and he is been dead for al,ost 2 years. RIP GD!!! I wish there was a way to get through to Drug addicts. Thanks for the laugh!

  • thewill2pwr says:

    does he still work …
    does he still work with you?

  • TheNokaine says:

    lol heroin at work
    lol heroin at work

  • jenyaneff says:

    Eww hahaha what a …
    Eww hahaha what a loser!

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