0 INVISIBLE Part 4/6The bulgarian film INVISIBLE, part 4/6;
“Invisible” a documentary by Konstantin Bojanov.

After the crumbling of the Soviet empire, heroin flooded the streets of many cities behind the former Iron Curtain. Heroin offered an alternative lifestyle largely unknown until then. In the late 1990s heroin addiction in Eastern Europe had reached epidemic proportions.

Invisible takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria and follows a group of six young people on a three year journey through the highs and lows, dreams and tribulations of living with heroin addiction. The story bypasses the social problems and dynamics associated with addiction and focuses on the existential views and philosophies of the participants. The film provides a platform for their ideas and concepts of the world surrounding them. The participants represent a group of “social outcasts”, who remain largely invisible in society. They are members of a generation eager to discover and explore the new “commodities”.

Invisible is unprecedented in the intimacy with which it portrays its subjects. The film presents perspectives influenced by euphoria as well as the sobering reality that follows, without passing judgments, trivializing, denigrating, or exploiting the subjects.

Duration : 0:14:12

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3 Responses to “INVISIBLE Part 4/6”

  • sebway23 says:

    7:35 omfg YUCK real …
    7:35 omfg YUCK real life requiem for a dream

  • rsohlich1 says:

    I have notices that …
    I have notices that a lot of heroin addicts are superior in their intelligence. heroin.

  • ThePsiloeye says:

    Damn, @ about 3min …
    Damn, @ about 3min that is one band, guess dope doesnt bring out their creative side lmao!!!!!!!!!!!

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