Keith Richards Interview about the judicial system (1984)

0 Keith Richards Interview about the judicial system (1984)Interveiw with Keith Richards
On 27 February 1977 Richards was charged with “possession of heroin for the purpose of trafficking” — an offence that under the Criminal Code of Canada can result in prison sentences of seven years to life. His passport was confiscated and Richards and his family remained in Toronto until 1 April, when Richards was allowed to enter the United States on a medical visa for treatment for heroin addiction. The charge against him was later reduced to “simple possession of heroin”.

For the next two years, Richards lived under threat of criminal sanction. Throughout this period he remained active with The Rolling Stones, recording their biggest-selling studio album, Some Girls, and touring North America. Richards was tried in October 1978, pleading guilty to possession of heroin. He was given a suspended sentence and put on probation for one year, with orders to continue treatment for heroin addiction and to perform a benefit concert on behalf of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Although the prosecution had filed an appeal of the sentence, Richards performed two CNIB benefit concerts at Oshawa Civic Auditorium on 22 April 1979; both shows featured The Rolling Stones and The New Barbarians. In September 1979 the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the original sentence.[

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  • theartofliving01 says:

    @KellyGreen5555 i …
    @KellyGreen5555 i dont know exactly but early 80′s

  • KellyGreen5555 says:

    Keith Richards is …
    Keith Richards is truly lovely.

  • PatricknAdam says:

    @BouncingPurpleCows …
    @BouncingPurpleCows Paint it Black :D

  • BlueLizzie59 says:

    He is so young and …
    He is so young and beautiful here.

  • arkekrieg says:

    @BouncingPurpleCows …
    @BouncingPurpleCows paint it black

  • BouncingPurpleCows says:

    What’s the song …
    What’s the song called at the start? I know it is by the rolling stones but what was it called?.

  • 84BIGDAN says:

    lookin well the old …
    lookin well the old school chap god bless our keith c u on tour man what will you opening trak b in 2012

  • michelle88960 says:

    he does make a good …
    he does make a good point about a jury supposed to be jury of your peers. it would be so easy for the average person to say, ‘oh he takes drugs, he should be locked up’ without understanding the lifestyle Keith was living. Keith is definitely the most down to earth rock star, you look in those eyes, and you wouldn’t want to bullshit him would you?

  • dockaiser says:

    I could be part of …
    I could be part of your jury keith .. btw, did you cut your hair yourself ?

  • justclassicalguitar says:

    sports coat!!!
    sports coat!!!

  • Xenostrobe says:

    A jury of peers… …
    A jury of peers… didn’t Vito Corleone say the same?

  • AKMAC82 says:

    KILLIN’ IT @ 2:54 …
    KILLIN’ IT @ 2:54 YESS!! UHHH!!! I Love it when the stones do THAT!

  • AKMAC82 says:

    does anyone know …
    does anyone know the year of this interview here?

  • mikegalsworthy says:

    0:52 telegrams??? : …
    0:52 telegrams??? :D :D XD wtf?

  • mayito714 says:

    Hell Keith did not …
    Keith did not hurt anyone. If anything he hurt himself. The harrasement was establishment jealousy…

  • MsRoy74 says:

    love you Keith!
    love you Keith!

  • orionilla says:

    @GabbyGraffiti …
    @GabbyGraffiti YEEEESSSSSS…..!!!!!!

  • GabbyGraffiti says:

    I love keith..he …
    I love keith..he looks like a teddy bear:)

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    @torbjorn90 The …
    @torbjorn90 The music in the beggining of the clip? That is “Paint it Black”

  • 1veryreal says:

    ….that’s called a …
    ….that’s called a good shot of heroin and coke at the same time!

  • armorednose says:

    Great. Keith know …
    Great. Keith know what speak.

  • clfetter says:

    the beast guitarist.
    the beast guitarist.

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    Thats (Doo doo doo …
    Thats (Doo doo doo doo) Heartbreaker

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    @torbjorn90 “Hange …
    @torbjorn90 “Hange Fire”

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    hang fire

    hang fire

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