“Life as a heroin addict” – Part 9

0 Life as a heroin addict   Part 9We now look at correct practice in methadone prescribing, including maintenance and reduction.

Duration : 0:4:47

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3 Responses to ““Life as a heroin addict” – Part 9”

  • wiredinrecovery says:

    REPLY TO jtrumble – …
    REPLY TO jtrumble -

    Thanks for your feedback. We’re really glad that you’ve gotten something positive from this series of film.

  • angeloamericano says:

    this guy says it …
    this guy says it well. Among other things he says methadone is a serious drug with serious withdrawel. And to me that means for poepl who have failet on detox and programs and not for vicodin users.

  • jtrumble says:

    You’ve done a …
    You’ve done a terrific job at showing the agony of heroin addiction and all of the social, physical and mental problems that destroy addicts lives. Your subjects are wonderfully open to you – that is a testament to your sensitivity as a director … your relationship to your subjects is clearly imprinted on the film.

    Thank you for devoting the time, which was, no doubt considerable to a wrenching subject. You have humanized addiction and given it a human face.

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