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For more than 30 years, methadone has been used to treat heroin addiction. But when mixed with other substances, such as benzodiazopenes, the treatment can be as harmful as the heroin itself. METHADONIA exposes the problems of treating heroin addiction with legal methadone.

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25 Responses to “Methadonia / Steve”

  • trusty086 says:

    @tripatbrain who …
    @tripatbrain who created you ? please don’t say your mom

  • trusty086 says:

    @tripatbrain who …
    @tripatbrain who created you dummy?

  • trusty086 says:

    @tripatbrain who …
    @tripatbrain who created you dummy?

  • tripatbrain says:

    full …

    full movie online!cheers

  • texazsouth says:

    Post all of this …
    Post all of this documentary if you have it

  • njrob87 says:

    @lenythc Will and …
    @lenythc Will and will power has a lot to do with recovery. You mentioned that you’ve used to use weed, and I think with sheer will power and a desire to stop you can, with weed. I am a heroin addict. It is really hard to explain this and get people to understand that rarely is will power enough to abstain from heroin use once you are addicted. It is the first step however, but most people cannot do it alone. I have learned this myself, and I had all the will in the world. Will is not enough.

  • shebby2009 says:

    ‘See this food here …
    ‘See this food here, I didn’t pay for it….. I got no money’ Classic!!! lol

  • EsqDave says:

    Ibogaine, man …. …
    Ibogaine, man …. Google it or do a You Tube search

  • TheDeadlyDelilah says:

    People who need a …
    People who need a group to talk about their methadone problems please join

  • TheThroney says:

    @lenythc there is …
    @lenythc there is so much more to quitting hard addictive drugs than will power.. but you definately need it to get there. peace

  • xxSxBxx says:

    i love this guy. …
    i love this guy. hah i could see him as a comedian or something.
    sad what he had to go through,

  • EZgoN2 says:

    Best advice yet!!!! …
    Best advice yet!!!!! Don’t do drugs PERIOD!!!!!!!

  • ragtimelol says:

    take a bunch of …
    take a bunch of exlax and will yourself not to shit. methadone is the hardest thing to come off of, that i’ve experienced.

  • bgerst23 says:

    @serbwithblade i …
    @serbwithblade i just took my daily dose 120 mg methadone 4 mg klonopin and 2 mg xanax but i have severe panic attacks and my back is destroyed for the methadone never abused it always come on day 30 i know i am physically addicted i have been on them for 6 yeasr but i take as you are suppose to but do i feel good without them i would be nothing

  • Mrgyn says:

    You have …

    You have no idea what your talking about. Physical addiction is a nightmare.

  • refresherest1 says:

    i was on it for a …
    i was on it for a long time finally got clean i understand what op14te says about the grey feeling but it gets better

  • serbwithblade says:

    I’m doing drugs …
    I’m doing drugs right now!! ;D

  • DJJOEBLOW says:


  • 0p14te says:

    people, listen to …
    people, listen to this dude.

    I’ve been clean for awhile now, and life still feels “grey” so to speak.

    Its as if all color has been removed from your life, and you are left waiting (ironic eh, ;-) ) and hoping for that color to return, but are never sure when, or even if, it ever will.

    By ‘grey’ think along the lines of anhedonia and depression.

  • christo930 says:

    This is a myth. …
    This is a myth. Will power is no match for something you really want to do. I am not saying people can’t stop using drugs, but will power won’t do it.
    Most people need professional help to get unhooked from drugs.

  • tarathetarantula says:

    who is this man?
    who is this man?

  • tripatbrain says:

    First,never take …
    First,never take drugs!
    Second,I agree with you,power of will is the strongest thing on earth!
    Third,I don`t think god created us cuz I`dont belive in god:)
    Greets from Serbia,cheers!

  • lenythc says:

    greetings from …
    greetings from Poland

  • lenythc says:

    GOD created us, …
    GOD created us, just think about it people. We are LIVING. Drug is only a THING. It has no life, it has no soul and no feelings. Why should ANYONE let drugs take control of his OWN LIFE. LIFE is the best thing that could happen to us. Withous life, you couldn’t even take drugs xD so bow to your life and please understrand that it is WAY WAY WAY more important than drugs. You only have 1 life. And time is going pretty fast, DON’T waist it !

  • lenythc says:

    I think when a …
    I think when a certain person has a strong will, and really wants to stop, then it’s not a problem. I never ever used anythin else but weed so I might be wrong.. however no drugs should be stronger than your will and if you really UNDERSTAND that, then I don’t think any drug will be stronger than you.

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