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Comedian Mike DeStefano dies.

Known comedian Mike DeStefano, whose recuperation from his heroin addiction fired his non-stop comedy, has demised due to a heart attack.

Mike was in his 40′s and was born in Bronx NY and in accordance to his official biography, he started extensive use of heroine when he was 15. After 15 years, he kicked off his addiction and started working as a drug counsellor.

Mike started his career as a comedian by a random decision to provide entertainment to some people in a specific crowd, which later became a proper career in the field of comedy.

Mike DeStefano appeared on shows such as The Howard Stern Show, Comedy Central Presents and others. He also performed on HBO’s Aspen comedy Festival and Just for Laughs Festivals that took place in Montreal.

DeStefano gained a lot of popularity over the years. Talking to ComedyBeat last year, DeStefano said,

“I think people really relate on a deep level to pain and suffering…. You don’t have to be a drug addict to know what that’s like. All the suffering that everyone has—every single human being—we all get sick, we lose people, we die”.

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