Young Heroin Addicts – Swansea Love Story (5 of 6) VICE

0 Young Heroin Addicts   Swansea Love Story (5 of 6) VICEClinty’s made a lifestyle change. Back at his new house he explains how the rise in heroin use is driven by increased supply: unemployed young people can make £1,500 a day in Swansea selling heroin. Meanwhile, Amy and Cornelius have a major falling out over some missing money and more familial problems.

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25 Responses to “Young Heroin Addicts – Swansea Love Story (5 of 6) VICE”

  • Nesoja says:

    How is he doing …
    How is he doing now?

  • nitrobunny2 says:

    i found it well …
    i found it well hot when she admitted she shagged her mother

  • dio4life1 says:

    WTF she banged with …
    WTF she banged with her mum

  • dnewbon says:

    fuck amy

  • tebonete says:

    “She’s my …
    “She’s my only decent bollock up” hahaha ah I cudnt help but laugh at that

  • MW2PS3Blog says:

    2:59 – He reads …
    2:59 – He reads Lord Of The Rings Books :)

  • DrSpoon1991 says:

    “your lucky i …
    “your lucky i haven’t punched you”
    - 2 minutes later
    “you know i don’t like violence”

  • swinewarrior says:

    a dodgy ballock is …
    a dodgy ballock is the least of his worries

  • tear34 says:

    you think they give …
    you think they give a shit? haha

  • fritzication says:

    that’s exactly how …
    that’s exactly how i act when i have my period. yeah, she’s got her period.

  • Kerrtus69 says:

    that girl was …
    that girl was fuckd from day one his mom is just evil

  • dondamon356 says:

    i want to go back …
    i want to go back to college and em study uh social ehh is it care? hahahahah

  • humbertojimmy says:

    Doesn’t he mean …
    Doesn’t he mean speedball? (pretty stupid attemp at dying, also, mixing uppers and dowers like that). He’s right when he tells that methadone is a money making product, though, because the purpose it serves is to trade a dependency for another. They are told lies, lies about having to stick to the program for months or even years, when a couple of bottles would be enough to detox fully. Trust me, i know…

  • fuckingfuckfuckfuckf says:

    isnt public …
    isnt public drinking illegal in Wales?

  • fuckingfuckfuckfuckf says:

    holy amy
    holy amy

  • djclarky1982 says:

    Time to break out …
    Time to break out the shotgun! lol id rather be dead than live like these freaks!

  • Montgomeroo says:

    best comedy i’ve …
    best comedy i’ve seen in years.PMA great angle

  • drumherum says:

    damn that girl is …
    that girl is a walking zombie

  • lesterclaypool1 says:

    My wife just told …
    My wife just told me that if she ever acted like Amy that I should feel free to kill her in her sleep because she wouldn’t be able to stand herself, either.

  • icannotfly says:

    what’s the street …
    what’s the street gang picture like over there? anything like how it is in the states? i’ve heard a lot so far about deaths from overdosing, but nothing about murders and turf wars.

  • sgredtampon says:

    Jesus christ, no …
    Jesus christ, no wonder they’re high all the time, I’d have to be too living there.

  • DanWelshy86 says:

    I’ve met Clint, he …
    I’ve met Clint, he told me he was trying to sue the producers as they didn’t blank his face out. He is hillarious.

  • iLurkah says:

    I’m so happy for …
    I’m so happy for Clinty!

  • aaronb2015 says:

    Thats a very …
    Thats a very talented qoir

  • KATOMATE01 says:

    what in the hell… …
    what in the hell…the boyfriend his girlfriends mother, and then we figure out she has her mom? what in the goes on over there….

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