Its all good in the hood

0 Its all good in the hoodIt’s all good as long as it stays in the hood!
Come with me while I try to unravel why certain products are rarely defined as being dangerous as long as they are sold in the ghettos of America and used by the people that live in the ghettoes of America?
However those same products once in the hands of the rest of America will set off alarms across the nation!
I have watched in my lifetime as America took a nonchalant attitude towards heroin in the 70s… Crack in the 80s, and now once again heroin in the 90s! Actively ignoring the havoc it created in our communities until one of their own ends up assed out on life or dead…. Then there is a rally cry for everyone to stop this evil (illicit substance goes here) !
Why do products like 4 loko, k2, Crazy Horse, Kool Mule, cloud 9…. (Just to name a few)Stay as a permanent fixture in local hood Bodegas and Gas Stations with no one even batting an eye until the one day when one of Americas coveted euro youth purchases said product and has a negative reaction… Then everybody perks up and begins to pay attention!

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  • thecinematique says:

    OMG I have to admit …
    OMG I have to admit very nervous after our last contact seems that APD was following me around like I was public enemy number 1! One of the reasons i put the UFO files on hold until I can figure out why i have unmarked cars and cruisers following me for (no lie one cruiser followed me for 5 miles!) no discernible reason! have to sort this out not scurred for me but i don’t want loved ones mixed up in this…

  • hinch777 says:

    If u still wanna …
    If u still wanna chat reach out to me bro..

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