Marijuana Dangerous, Addictive DOJ


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  • NYredwhiteandblue says:

    does anyone take …
    does anyone take this DOj serious… they have lost all credibility in this information age…lol people just chuckle what they hear thie bs…lol BTW, if you belive it, please hurry and get your flu shot…. dont forget your kids too…. hurry…. we need to eliminate that gene pool….. lol

  • RandyBrush1 says:

    Cannabis is safer …
    Cannabis is safer than water..!

  • WeCannabis says:

    no1 knows
    no1 knows

  • pennvloger says:

    this is old news? …
    this is old news? why are you uploading all these reruns?

  • TheDebtAssassins says:

    I like that he said …
    I like that he said Tosh. What gets old for me is ofcourse the FEDs are high people, one of many diet choices chosen by insiders. This is why politicians seem to live forever to us slaves. They will NEVER give up on deception. I just got back from our capital here, were bankrupt as a state but they still wont let us grow hemp. So Cali, only way out is secession to Mexico. Dont to me about that, at least you have a neighbor. In KY, we fucked. I will still try, but the public is asleep baby.

  • OmarReyes1 says:

    old. didnt you …
    old. didnt you upload this already before?

  • BNaSTy11394 says:

    when was this …
    when was this filmed?

  • SolarEXtract says:

    Cannabis is good …
    Cannabis is good for your health. It’s just one of many medicinal plants on our planet.

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