Lindsay Lohan Moves to Samantha Ronson’s Neighborhood

0 Lindsay Lohan Moves to Samantha Ronsons NeighborhoodIt’s a new year, Lindsay’s out of rehab and we’re back in action.

Shown here are Michael Lohan remarking that the general paparazzi presence “will drive her over the edge” and Samantha Ronson, who is bewildered that Lindsay has moved into her neighborhood.

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25 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Moves to Samantha Ronson’s Neighborhood”

  • TheRedCoke says:

    We aren’t going for …
    We aren’t going for the police, we’ll go above it. That is Cooperation Fraud you just committed. We are an entertainment new source that specializes in popular music under E! Entertainment. Thank you for leaving that comment because we now have you documented. Don’t expect on having your account for too much longer.

    From Hollywoodtv

  • simonee1994 says:

    wth leave …

    wth leave these people alone
    obviously you’re an ass

  • DJLunasf says:

    Leave them alone.
    Leave them alone.

  • Protozzz says:

    this movers are …
    this movers are celebrities now

  • sageb1 says:

    Lindsay better keep …
    Lindsay better keep going to AA meetings.

  • sundaycrew2 says:

    #1..POOFDUDDY…..u …
    #1..POOFDUDDY…..u kinda racist homie!! #2..RONSON is/was a pretty killa deejay BEFORE she got with LOHAN!! #3 for sumone who is BASICALLY a NOBODY how in da does she get SO MUCH HELP movin her shit?

  • Planetsacramento says:

    So this is what it …
    So this is what it looks like when rich people move…

  • TheNiDreA says:

    @TheAshMileyFan …
    @TheAshMileyFan from where do u know that ? :s

  • PoofDuddy says:

    dont get how these …
    dont get how these f u c k i n g mexicans can get on your property, get right up in your s h i t and in your face pop off provoker questions without getting arrested

    nothing justifies this

  • allstar000777 says:

    indsay lohan and …
    indsay lohan and samantha ronson obviously they still together since then there is no coincidence people they planned this…you cant just moved a house like one day its pretty obvious.. a planned.. paparazzi spotted them dating together like 2 days ago… samantha you are nothing without lindsay lohan i dont know you before

  • TeenageCinderellas says:

    Lindsay has been …
    Lindsay has been through enough she needs to get better find some peace and harmony for a little just relax and work on being sober. Maybe an odd photoshoot or interview here and there but nothing heavy. I think that the paps need to leave her be, their making it harder for her. As for Lindsay living beside Sam, I really think its a bad idea. Also she shouldnt be listening to her mother or father. They are in no way proper healthy parents, They dont care about her, they care about her money.

  • tod292011 says:

    Lindsay, you are …
    Lindsay, you are being victimized by a cruel jealousy and prejudice, a false morality of a people who evolved is said, wanted to be able to take care of you and prove that it is the ONLY American actress who is currently able to be successful, you are beautiful, perfect … I have the pleasure of living in an underdeveloped country, over here you would live happily and have the real freedom that every human being has the right worker.

  • xoflesh says:

    michael is a …
    michael is a psycho.

  • TheAshMileyFan says:

    you sam . You …
    you sam . You dumb bitch. Go do something worth with your life.

  • wetdream09 says:

    lol at the guy ” …
    lol at the guy “what the fuck! they’re neighbors?” hahahah

  • MileyCyrus192 says:


  • sam82497 says:

    I …

    I know and Lindsay is a dump and so is Samantha Ronson because both of them should go to hell.

  • sam82497 says:

    I …

    I know and she shouldn’t move to Samantha Ronson neighborhood because Samantha Ronson don’t like Lindsay Lohan.

  • Msakaalbany says:

    @ttranccoc123 Nice …
    @ttranccoc123 Nice to know you walk on water See from comments on your page most of folks that see you think you are worthless and so is your opinion

  • ttranccoc123 says:

    this …

    this is useless . All she does is getting drunk.Coke and spend her parent hard earn money. She should be able to think better than that. The dog is not smart as her. you Linsay. You dumb bitch. Go do something worth with your life.

  • tmerm says:

    so is she talking …
    so is she talking to her dad again? btw i think lindsay is awesome and i hope she is doing better

  • 700pinkpink says:

    i love lindsay …
    i love lindsay lohan…. her millions of fan love and still support her despite of all the drama,, no matter what the haters say… shes still famous hollywood celebrity… your life now… more movies to come.such a talented you

  • 700pinkpink says:

    obviously they …
    obviously they planned it… theres no such thing as coincidence.. omg thats a joke …i guess they still together

  • pennylaneproductions says:

    Who’s the piece of …
    Who’s the piece of crap interviewing ‘Michael’ at the begnining? Someone who knows him or just another paparazzo scumbucket who thinks because someone is famous they are public property and have no rights? Just wondering. And the jackasses in the garage? I’d shoot anyone who came that close to my house. A bit of advice for you lifeless people: Stop on by ‘Lives ‘R’ Us and get yourself one. Life Depot might have something in stock, too.

  • TheAshMileyFan says:

    samantha is a …
    samantha is a successful drug dealer , she hasn´t been caught yet. lol

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