115 subs ! Thank you ! :) – GIRL SMOKING WEED!

0 115 subs ! Thank you ! :)   GIRL SMOKING WEED!THANK YOU SO MUCH !! No editing or anything this time just all the way through.. P.s i keep looking to the left because my friend was with me.

Duration : 0:8:30

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  • zxlegomasterxz says:

    have you got skype …
    have you got skype ? :P

  • Mason Turtle says:

    It must be said. …
    It must be said. You have skills. And it is really sexy. Thanks for posting. :D

  • Earlesia Grant says:

    shut ta up …
    shut ta up get a life

  • MichiHerbHigh says:

    thank you for …
    thank you for having my back ! really appreciate it. Honestly though peoples words dont affect me.I do appreciate the support alot and what your saying is all true… at the end of the day i guarantee you this guy is no better than you or me just because hes “high class” .. or so he says.. he may have an high IQ but his personality is and his negativity towards others will just end up biting him in the when hits the fan.

  • ErrDayImHigh says:

    you quit for good? …
    you quit for good? becus YOU had problems. why woud you comment on a girl page telling her shes fugly and smokes to get attensionfrom boys and to re evaluate her life? DO YOU KNOW HER?
    so youve quit weed for good yet u must be still searchiing about smoking weed? AWW
    just becus u had bad times in life doesnt mean every1 else has, and i say ‘mate’ becus im from the UK.
    People like you who leave negative nasty comments becus ur life must still be amazing (y) go fora smoke, moderation my friend(y)

  • otnomnoraa says:

    I quit smoking weed …
    I quit smoking weed for good. Was considering dropping out of college while I was wasting my brainpower and finances smoking; now I’m a junior at a top 10 university studying computer science (taking classes astrophysics majors are afraid of). Smoking weed is for weak IQ slackers who call each other “mate” (kinda jk) and talk about circumventing the system when all they do is sit around listening to music and eating poverty food. I take pleasure in watching potheads fail at life.

  • ErrDayImHigh says:

    yeah mate im sure …
    yeah mate im sure shes smoking weed for guys! pahaha, not for the fact that its the best feeling in the world, not for the fact you drones follow life codes believing what your told, wake up, smoke weed, and breathe this new life, stay high girl (y)

  • MichiHerbHigh says:

    thank you so much : …
    thank you so much :) 

  • MichiHerbHigh says:

    haha i would look …
    haha i would look in the mirror before saying that but okay you can assume about me all you want but first off you dont know me ;) so instead of watching videos of people smoking you should stop that and maybe re-evaluate your life.?

  • otnomnoraa says:

    Fugly grungy chick …
    Fugly grungy chick smoking weed to get attention from guys. Stop smoking for a few days to re-evaluate your life.

  • BabyG1370 says:

    Just Subscribed (;
    Just Subscribed (;

  • sevelatula says:

    Thanks for sharing …
    Thanks for sharing but turn the music down.

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