ARe you a Marijuana addict??? how about tea? food/ booze??

0 ARe you a Marijuana addict??? how about tea? food/ booze??What are we addicted to?

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25 Responses to “ARe you a Marijuana addict??? how about tea? food/ booze??”

  • Wiggy1138 says:

    My rock bottom was …
    My rock bottom was when I was going to get evicted and divorced on the same day… But it snowed so I couldn’t go to the court house and they couldn’t evict me because it was snowing. So i smoked a joint and laughed at myself for being such a pot head. How did I ever let it get this bad? I thought. So you’re right it does make you a loser. I’ve lived it. Drugs are great especially MJ but their comes a point where drugs don’t work any more.

  • AnaNord says:

    I need my coffee! …
    I need my coffee! My Cafe Latte, Kaffe! Cofein, mmmm… if one do not drink too much of it, it is goood! :-) And some science wrote it also could prevent stroke. Can you believe that? I am not sure what to believe.

  • 127miles says:

    @clevonamerica You …
    @clevonamerica You need to have a joint, then you’ll understand. Caffeine is a much more dangerous drug than cannabis, Just say no to caffeine! it kills way to many people and causes dependence, I stick with the healthy weed. LIVE ABOVE THE IGNORANCE! and remember, a joint a day keeps the pharmaceutical companies away! :)

  • clevonamerica says:


    ignorance is pretty funny stuff yes,,in fact there’s lots to crack up about when youre high :)

  • clevonamerica says:

    also i …

    also i think pot is great. i prefer it to sleeping pills but have only had to use it perhaps two or three times in the last couple years. pot makes me cranky and less compassionate. ask someone you love and trust who doesnt smoke pot what they think about your personality and character..we should all do that really,,
    peace my friend

  • clevonamerica says:

    ok you …

    ok you passed the bar so you can probably understand this. I know professionals who are pot smokers, some of whom make over a million a year. Most have mixed reviews and most have tried to quit or at east cut back at times because marijuana isnt a panacea and life offers few free lunches. Most of the pot damage you may not even realize. Subtle personality changes occur in many and theyre poartners hate when they are using. They are too in to themselves to see it.

  • Rankik says:

    I’m a lawyer making …
    I’m a lawyer making over 120k a year. I’ve smoked weed for 6 years everyday, I’m soooo unmotivated and I sleep all day, my life is soooooo depressing. Don’t knock thing’s you haven’t given a chance bro.

  • 127miles says:

    Lol your ignorance …
    Lol your ignorance cracks me up hahaha

  • AwesomeTurn says:

    Cute baby, good …
    Cute baby, good beliefs.

    I don’t need marijuana, but I enjoy it.

    Live life!

  • 1srhkmk4life says:

    weed grows from the …
    weed grows from the groung god put it hear

  • infectedsubincision says:

    @clevonamerica i …
    @clevonamerica i know lots of people who have been smoking for years and they’re far from being sleepy or losers. they’re probably only sleepy before they go to bed.

  • johnny450gf says:

    i can see were he …
    i can see were he is comein from,,,if it helps the kids belive it,, and stops a few from sitin playen xbox,,or whatchen discrvery channel all day ,,eatin crisps,,then fair play,,smoke to much pot…u wont get a fit bird,,or that hot job,,,coz ur sat eaten crisps on the x box,,chongen a bong,,,,so he is right,,in a way:)..peace brothers…

  • christianz2010 says:

    @clevonamerica pot …
    @clevonamerica pot heads are not losers, but their are losers that smoke get your straight please

  • clevonamerica says:

    im …

    im not against losers…i love losers…ask a pothead friend if pot has any down side…most smokers will tell you when they ease up that their head will clear

  • christianz2010 says:

    @clevonamerica yes …
    @clevonamerica yes your against pot if you can people who smoke it losers.

  • jimmy63357 says:

    let me tell you …
    let me tell you something,marijuana does not make me or any of my friends ‘losers’ i have been smoke everyday for 2 years now i have a job so i can afford it. I smoke marijuana because it lets me be my self,i have adhd,depression,and very stong back pains (which comes from my dads family) all of which are cured because of marijuana yes some people should not smoke marijuana because of the way they act is just akward and not good,marijuana helps me have the quality of life i like to have.

  • laffizzle says:

    Everything in …
    Everything in moderation. If you’re the type that must have it all or nothing, you have an addictive personality by nature and are more likely to get addicted. It’s no secret that the majority of users are abusers and use the drug to mask their problems so they don’t have to deal with them, these weak personality traits are what make them addicts. Some drugs, like Marijuana, do have a practical purpose but like anything else CAN BE ADDICTIVE ONLY IF YOU LET IT. Don’t be a junkie, be classy.

  • mistadankz313 says:

    @DrHooligan312 love …
    @DrHooligan312 love this lol

  • dimeclipent says:

    aww cute baby
    aww cute baby

  • notnyop says:

    You need to learn …
    You need to learn some facts…Zeitgeist.

  • strava86 says:

    @Jartny REAL …
    @Jartny REAL REPUBLICANS like Ron Paul are for marijuana decriminalization. Just because someone is against this doesn’t mean the person is a republican…I don’t believe in neither of the ruling parties because they don’t respect the Constitution of the USA. If the Constitution were to be applied as it should people wouldn’t be getting arrested for selling and consuming cannabis for medical purposes in California and other states where it is legal because the 10th Amendment protects them.

  • strava86 says:

    And yes, you are a …
    And yes, you are a duchebag….cute baby btw.

  • strava86 says:

    Don’t blame the …
    Don’t blame the marijuana, blame the person…marijuana has many virtues and not just medical…as a matter of fact, the US government in early 20th century gave incentives to farmers who cultivated hemp. Today it is illegal because it is a threat to the pharmaceutical and textile industries, to name a few, and also because big drug pushers, who I believe are in the government wouldn’t be able to inflate its price and make as much profit as they do if it were decriminalized.

  • mynameswho says:

    Marijuana does make …
    Marijuana does make you a loser. It causes brain damage. Everyone who’s so angry at this video, because they think marijuana is harmless, please do some research.

  • lmfaorockstarcali says:

    The baby in this …
    The baby in this video is so cute!!xD

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