Day 128 Off Weed

0 Day 128 Off WeedWhy do I keep counting the days I have been sober?

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  • gfreakj says:

    And your spending …
    And your spending your time trolling YouTube.

  • jeffery peterson says:

    dude get a life …
    dude get a life look wat u r doin now counting days smoke a joint an go on with ur boring life oh by the way how is the depression goin

  • gfreakj says:

    Put some knowledge …
    Put some knowledge in your brain. 2 ignorant.

  • hook berry says:

    man put some bass …
    man put some bass in your voice,,2 sweet

  • Dirk Diggler says:

    ghetto black …
    ghetto black neighborhoods??….LMFAO….are u serious??

  • LuVSJamie says:

    confusing? are you …
    confusing? are you a white democrat liberal? you sound like know, those chicken who correct others when there’s no correcting that’s needed.

  • TheOriginalOwnage says:

    Hydro is weed …
    Hydro is weed grown without soil. Your slang usage of the word makes things confusing.

  • rozz2656 says:

    i always crave weed …
    i always crave weed since i cant have it because of legal reasons but i may be addicted since i always think bout when i can smoke again, i havent smoked for almost a year.

  • lunchwinner says:

    why you mad tho?

    why you mad tho?

    losers gunna lose… weed or no weed.

  • pbrownonyouification says:

    Im …

    Im pretty sure @gruneygunner was beig sarcastic.Im pretty sure that they too are aware that you cant die of a weed OD. Chill baby,chill.

  • pbrownonyouification says:

    SEE! This goes to …
    SEE! This goes to show its the LEAST addictive.

  • LuVSJamie says:

    its usually not …
    its usually not hydro, but it still gets you stoned.

  • CaveofTwoLovers says:

    Five dollar bags ?! …
    Five dollar bags ?!?! That’s hilarious!
    The weed must be pretty crappy too. 

  • LuVSJamie says:

    do it 3 times a day …
    do it 3 times a day everyday for a month especially right when you wake up in the morning and then lose your dealers number and watch yourself go stir crazy…also real weed addicts have drove to ghetto black neighborhoods asking around for cool thing about ghetto black neighborhoods is that they have 5 dollar bags ..decent size for the most part.

  • gfreakj says:

    We all react to …
    We all react to things differently. I know many people who it really has no effect on at all.

  • CaveofTwoLovers says:

    That’s kind of …
    That’s kind of weird to me that people get addicted to MJ. It’s understandable in a way, but because I don’t have MJ on the brain 24/7 I find it hard to fully understand.
    I haven’t had weed in a while. not exactly sure how long, a few weeks. I feel fine, craved a bud yesterday, watched some T.V. and forgot about it. that’s about all.
    There’s liking weed, there’s loving weed, and there’s an unhealthy obsession over weed.
    Some people need to challenge themselves. Take a few weeks from weed.

  • mansonhouse666 says:

    no he isn’t, but …
    no he isn’t, but you are uneducated

  • gfreakj says:


  • greg paray says:

    lmfao i was like …
    lmfao i was like uhh 128? then i looked and was just like o this guy lol

  • gfreakj says:

    I definitely …
    I definitely noticed a difference after only a couple weeks. My mind works better the longer I go without it.

  • bertietheboy says:

    I guess i might …
    I guess i might give it a go then. See if it makes a difference. Say.. a couple months?

  • gfreakj says:

    I think this was …
    I think this was made with my old camera.

  • agent1up says:

    this one wasnt so …
    this one wasnt so great…seems like it was zoomed in ?

  • gfreakj says:

    I have an addictive …
    I have an addictive personality. I didn’t realize how much it was effecting me until it was completely out of my system.

  • gfreakj says:


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