Intelligence TV w/Francine: Cocaine Addict, Mother, Ex-Wife

0 Intelligence TV w/Francine: Cocaine Addict, Mother, Ex WifeFrancine Reardon (Camille Sullivan), ex-wife to crime boss Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey) loses her cool and proves once again to Ronnie Delmonico (John Cassini) why her cocaine fueled antics are reason enough to keep her far away from the marijuana and money laundering operations that Jimmy and Ronnie run. The scene is set behind the fa├žade of booze, strippers and sex at the Chickadee strip club which Jimmy and Ronnie use as a front for the illegal activities of the Reardon-run drug operation. “Intelligence”, the sexy hit crime drama from creator Chris Haddock (Da Vinci’s Inquest) airs Oct 1, 2007 on CBC at 9pm.
Sex, Drugs and Espionage; the conspiracy continues!

Duration : 0:1:38

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3 Responses to “Intelligence TV w/Francine: Cocaine Addict, Mother, Ex-Wife”

  • KIWI897 says:

    I can’t stand this …
    I can’t stand this chick. She played Suki and ruined Da Vinci’s

  • deadsnoopy says:

    what a Harpy. From …
    what a Harpy. From 0 to in 5 seconds flat in every scene.

  • lonerebel1 says:

    why doesn’t Ronnie …
    why doesn’t Ronnie just have her killed already.

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