Is Marijuana Addictive?

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Learn if marijuana is addictive in this Howcast video.

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Duration : 0:3:40

24 Responses to “Is Marijuana Addictive?”

  • Maxwell Allan Wilson says:


  • artix1346 says:

    3:40 min to answer …
    3:40 min to answer a “yes/no” question… GG

  • naxT890 says:

    nope not essential …
    nope not essential at all.

  • Ranbir Sandhu says:

    nice Zombies and …
    nice Zombies and buds, i like he direction howcast is going

  • David Richards says:

    cravings but not …
    cravings but not really any addiction

  • p1ratesarrawesome says:

    I have always tried …
    I have always tried to seclude myself from everyone. Ironically weed brought me closer to people but I was okay with it because I was high. I was obsessed with gaming as well… still do enjoy my ps3. Although now I have a clear enough head to keep a job and get into college.
    On a side note, another thing that wasn’t good about my personal experience smoking weed; was that it lead me to other drugs. It really is a gateway drug if you let it be one.

  • FD87 says:

    Hope you don’t mind …
    Hope you don’t mind me asking, are you lonely most of the time?

    Coz I find that usually people who see marijuana as addictive are usually lonely. Loners tend to cling on something and make it addictive, like gambling, gaming, weed smoking, etc. I used to find World of warcraft very addicting, until I got bored with it and looking for my next “fix” in gaming. That was until I got out and do stuff…

  • ShaunWhiteismyGinger says:

    AND a physician & …
    AND a physician & scientist. You still need to go to medical school.

  • t5e2 says:

    this guy’s PhD is …
    this guy’s PhD is in geography, not medicine.

  • FD87 says:

    Dafaq? How do you …
    Dafaq? How do you inject a herb?

  • FD87 says:

    Actually 2 states, …
    Actually 2 states, Washington and Colorado. And 7 states pending voting legalization in 2014.

  • HITMAN0300 says:

    which states
    which states

  • zulonz says:

    Again, i’m not …
    Again, i’m not addicted. Addiction is where the substance totally consumes your whole life. Weed doesn’t control my life. I go to school, have a job, go for runs, go out with friends. Throughout the day I typically don’t have an urge to smoke. It’s just something I do at night to wind down and relax, sort of like how many people have drinks when they get home from work. I have quit for months at a time and had absolutely no adverse side effects.

  • warlockplaya says:

    3 states just …
    3 states just legalized it

  • SLAPnPOP726 says:

    I smoke quite a lot …
    I smoke quite a lot of weed, and whenever I stop for say two or three weeks I get spikes of craving for it here and there, but nothing too bad.

  • rocklesson86 says:

    This guy knows his …
    This guy knows his stuff and I will take this to heart.

  • ahjgbhlahgaohgl says:

    they’re high right …
    they’re high right now

  • p1ratesarrawesome says:

    Weed is mentally …
    Weed is mentally addictive… At least for me it was. I feel so much better about myself now that I don’t smoke weed. I smoked pretty much every other hour of every day for about 2 1/2-3 years. Smoke till i fainted, got back up & did it again. I lost my personality, lost my sense of humor, lost my grip on reality and what I should have been doing. I wish I could be one of those people who can smoke in moderation but my addictive nature cannot handle something like this in small doses.

  • ahjgbhlahgaohgl says:

    the true words of …
    the true words of an addict

  • zulonz says:

    I’m not quite sure …
    I’m not quite sure why he would inject it? I don’t even know how that works or if it’s possible. He was most likely doing a different drug. Also, the THC goes into your bloodstream when you smoke it as well. No matter how you consume it, it will get into your bloodstream. That’s how you get high, the THC is absorbed in your lungs and to the bloodstream where it goes to your brain. I smoke everyday and agree it is not addictive at all. I could stop right now and be fine.

  • Leonardo Martini says:

    ARE YOU …
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Is marijuana addicting? How about you take your pointless considerations and opinions for mankind AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ARSE!

  • Crazyroller2010 says:

    smart man he needs …
    smart man he needs a reward for being honest

  • Lasch24 says:

    Next: Is breathing …
    Next: Is breathing essential?

  • Jenna Gummy says:

    What a stupid title …
    What a stupid title, no Sherlock.

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