Ken Cuccinelli Discusses Marijuana Legalization – February 9, 2013

0 Ken Cuccinelli Discusses Marijuana Legalization   February 9, 2013At the monthly breakfast meeting of the Albemarle Republican party on February 9, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli clarified comments he had made earlier in the week while speaking to Larry Sabato’s government class at the University of Virginia. Cuccinelli had told UVA students that he was watching with interest developments in Colorado and Washington state following those two states’ voter initiatives to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Cuccinelli answered a question from a self-described former marijuana addict who opposes legalization. He said that, while he does not favor legalizing marijuana today, he thinks that the the situations in Washington and Colorado raise important questions about states’ rights, federalism, and the relationship (sometimes contentious) between state and federal laws

Cuccinelli also said that, during a period of limited government resources, priorities must be set about how dollars are spent. He said that enforcing laws against methamphetamine (crystal meth) may be a higher priority than enforcing laws against marijuana use and distribution.

Cuccinelli’s opening remarks are here:

Cuccinelli’s answers to other questions are here:

Cuccinelli’s reply to a question about Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling is here:

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  • LightnDarkTimes says:

    Check out my Video …
    Check out my Video on my channel. I wrote something about freedom in other words.

  • LightnDarkTimes says:

    To each is own …
    To each is own BEARDED SIR… Speak for yourself and drop it in the hands of FREEDOM. We don’t need to be dictated through your personal experience. The plant has a plethora of positivity and uses, medicine, food, building materials, Bio fuels harnessing 50+mpg’s at 0 emissions… Yes that’s right. Our jails are full of docile peaceful people that keep to themselves in society just to be targeted an occupy private prison systems. Your logic is severely flawed and utter garbage. To each is own.

  • Baambam1 says:

    I love it, the …
    I love it, the bearded guy is whining about being addicted and is against legalization….how about the millions of NON addicts who want that choice.Its another example in America of I know what’s best for everyone else and if you don’t do what I say it’s off to prison with you!

  • Matthew Cunningham says:

    Thomas Jefferson …
    Thomas Jefferson would be in favor of ending Prohibition

  • KemoSTL says:


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