Mike Cann vs. No on Question 3 MA Medical Marijuana

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Subject: “Medical” Marijuana Q3 Proponent: Make Pot Widely Available to All

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“Medical” Marijuana Proponent Openly Admits to Real Aim of Ballot Question 3: Make Pot Widely Available and Legal for All

Wayland — In a stunning YouTube video, a leading activist in the effort to pass Ballot Question 3 to legalize “medical” marijuana has definitively described his true objective: legalize pot and make it widely available across Massachusetts and the country.

Mike Cann, the same person who posted an emotional video of an ALS patient stating he uses “medical” marijuana to alleviate symptoms, openly mocks a public service announcement (PSA) of the committee to oppose Question 3, MaVoteNoOnQuestion3.com, by following that PSA with a personal tirade admitting that the overarching goal of the Yes on 3 campaign is to legalize pot for the masses.

“It’s disturbing that proponents of Question 3 openly tout how they are strategically playing on the public’s compassion for the chronically ill simply to dupe the state of Massachusetts into joining their crusade to fully legalize marijuana. As people learn the details they begin to understand that this movement is completely disingenuous and the end goal is for widespread use and abuse of marijuana,” said Heidi Heilman, chief spokeswoman for MaVoteNoOnQuestion3.com and president of the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance, a statewide organization made up of community-based substance abuse prevention coalitions working to address the rising rates of youth marijuana use in the Commonwealth.

James Broadhurst, M.D. chairman of MaVoteNoOnQuestion3.com and a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society is outraged by the blatant and reckless effort to pass off Question 3 as “good for patients” when it’s nothing more than a ruse for a vocal minority and billionaire businessman Peter Lewis who want pot shops to be as prevalent in our communities as convenience stores.

“Marijuana is a very dangerous drug especially for our youth whose brains and neurological systems are still forming. Our treatment centers are filled with teens who are having real problems with marijuana addiction, most of whom got their pot from diverted medical marijuana” added Dr. Broadhurst.

Cann’s additional videos with “the King of Pot” and attendees of the “Freedom Rally” — an annual event on Boston Common where hundreds come to get high — focused on advocating for the full legalization of pot by 2016.

“These videos actually make our case for us: Question 3 is not about alleviating human suffering but about making marijuana easy to get and ensuring that pot shops are as prevalent in every Massachusetts city and town as any 7-Eleven store,” Ms. Heilman said.

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5 Responses to “Mike Cann vs. No on Question 3 MA Medical Marijuana”

  • Brett Levasseur says:

    i agree mike… …
    i agree mike… Gardner, Mass

  • nichjoint says:

    Great video, Mike.

    Great video, Mike.
    It’s a joke that you can go down the road and pick up alcohol and cigarettes, both of which are equally as harmful if not more harmful than marijuana. Legalizing will generate AND save so much money. Jails won’t fill as fast. The government can tax it. Cartels will no longer be able to sneak it into our country and buy guns with the profit. The fact is people are going to smoke it either way. May as well do it the right way rather than fund drug dealers.

  • Roland Boivin says:

    Parents need to …
    Parents need to stop being lazy and pointing the finger at Cannabis.. and point it back at themselves and teach there children that they can’t use cannabis. Not about ADULTS that speak,and share the same voice and want this as ADULTS.
    A drug… most say.. really a drug !!! did we make it in a lab…mmm NO its a plant. We as people did not invent this so call drug. It was here long before all of us and will be after were all gone. Get a grip. Teach your children not blind them.

  • WeRememberPeter says:

    good job Mr Cann
    good job Mr Cann

  • Dank Nugget says:

    Mike your the man! …
    Mike your the man! keep up the good fight!

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