OMCA: Addiction specialist on medical marijuana

0 OMCA: Addiction specialist on medical marijuanaDr. John Sorboro, who runs the Outreach Addiction Clinic in Kent, OH, explains why he feels medical marijuana could benefit Ohio’s communities.

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4 Responses to “OMCA: Addiction specialist on medical marijuana”

  • newzcasttv says:

    here here! very …
    here here! very elequent. I wish i could substitute my klonopins for ..a joint or two!

  • MedicalCannabisSpain says:

    A doctor that …
    A doctor that speaks common sense? Pull the other one

  • hillbilly742 says:

    Never going to …
    Never going to happen in 2012!!! Why do you keep lieing about that??

  • DCDrugPolicyGuy says:

    I’m originally from …
    I’m originally from Columbus, and I couldn’t agree more with this doctor.

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