Quitting Weed: Lucid Dreaming

0 Quitting Weed: Lucid DreamingI am trying to become a lucid dreamer in order to help me quit da mariwhowanna. Sorry the video got cut off, my roomie walked in and I hate talking personal in front of people, and yes I know the entire world could see this video. But yea important thing is to keep a journal. I write about my dreams as well as normal entries on my weed addiction and how I feel.

Ill probably make another video about the rest of this when I can. Should I talk about my salvia trip or is that a little too personal for youtube?

The song by the way is Satyr IX by Electric Wizard

Duration : 0:7:2

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  • yoda77ls says:

    what’s weird about …
    what’s weird about snow cycling???

  • TheRealTBOONE91 says:

    Real talk..u …
    Real talk..u inspired me bro.! Forget the pessimism mane theyre just jealous that’s all. I know wat u mean it messes up dreaming. Were not perfect but aye-Keep pushin fam!!

    Thank ya..

  • ThePunkbebe says:

    I appreciate any …
    I appreciate any comment on my videos, so thanks anway

  • Limesquibbo says:


  • Dragica Vučak says:

    man when im …
    man when im dreaming when something wierd happen in my dream like smoething scares my or wierd happen i know that im dreaming and i can decide what i wont to do in dream and i can keep sleaping but i can wake up,its crazy man

  • ThePunkbebe says:

    just had the …
    just had the greatest dream haha

  • xavier xattie says:

    iv had the same …
    iv had the same dreams flying n bikein in the snow but this was when i was 5 n i still remember it 10 yrs later

  • Noah Michael says:

    like me. I’m …
    like me. I’m stopping smoking before bed basically.. as long as im sober when i go to sleep. It up dream recall = no chance to lucid dream really or learn to constantly…. I remembered 4 little dreams today after the first night of not going to bed baked. Maybe it is just me and others but i find it way to hard smoking before bed. What else to elaborate? I can still smoke but find lucid dreaming amazing and worth it more.

  • winstono75 says:

    I had a friend who …
    I had a friend who was into lucid dreaming and also a smoker, and he complained that when he smoked he couldn’t lucid dream…. so he would give up marijuana in order to lucid dream. It might not be the same for everybody, but you may be going about it backwards.

  • ThePunkbebe says:

    im not quite sure …
    im not quite sure what you mean…could you elaborate?

  • winstono75 says:

    I’ve heard of …
    I’ve heard of people quitting marijuana in order to more easily lucid dream, but not this…

  • ThePunkbebe says:


  • Mark Brunskill says:

    i have a …
    i have a composition book that looks just like that and now i cant find it but i dont understand how it ended up in your room

  • ThePunkbebe says:

    did you have crazy …
    did you have crazy dreams, and yes, all hail the varg

  • 1234NIRVANA1234 says:

    ive been dope free …
    ive been dope free for 8 months now man, on a more important note, nice t shirt, i love burzum

  • ThePunkbebe says:

    i have tried and …
    i have tried and still am trying, i had one close dream the other night actually

  • TheEternalWisdom says:

    you should try have …
    you should try have out of body experiences i lucid dreamed a couple times its really fun to controlling everything

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