0 VLOG  WEED AND ABUSE part 1my experience with weed and abuse, 21 days of stopping weed



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6 Responses to “VLOG- WEED AND ABUSE part 1”

  • goodrow17 says:

    @metroidmike – self …
    @metroidmike – self honestly can you live without it for 21 days or until you have no wants desires, excuses to smoke weed…if no then you are enslaved to it, thus not living free…I am for the freedom of the human race by stopping all our addictions and living here as the breath of life. It’s a process, but I realized that i will had to stop completely as their is no excuse to smoke or get high while millions suffer and are enslaved to this thought of need or wanting more.

  • metroidmike says:

    i dont know what …
    i dont know what your talking about, weeds awesome. i have managed to only use it weekends for the past 3 years and those years i dont regret at all. i have been clean for 2 months now because i dont have time to get high
    - i’m probably gonna get a lot of for thsi comment but i dont give a fuck

  • GabrielZamoraMoreno says:

    cool Vlog
    cool Vlog

  • resolveitall says:

    anybody who has …
    anybody who has ever been addicted to weed or any drug, should really study videos like this. Thanks Gabrielle

  • 420Kif says:

    thats so good, …
    thats so good, really, you have no idea! and at your age, you wanna be a winner and dont take any chances, real talk, im saying that cuz I know..keep it up, oh and i know my user name says that, i dont smoke anymore, you have know idea how good of a decision your making, dont worry about the insecurities either, totaally waste of time thinking that, god bless!

  • annabrixthomsen says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing Gabrielle.

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