Sobriety Week 1: Naltrexone, Yoga and Good Deeds

0 Sobriety Week 1: Naltrexone, Yoga and Good DeedsMy first video. I’m discussing how my first week of sobriety is going

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  • PolyGirlAmanda says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comment bambiblew! You’re right…unfortunately, alcohol dependence is something I’ll be stuck with for life. I’ve never had very good willpower but at least I am taking steps in the right direction now, which I feel really good about. I hope you are successful in dealing with/recovering from whatever you are struggling with. Life sucks sometimes, but I always try to keep a positive attitude and things usually get better instead of worse

  • bambiblew says:

    it never goes away …
    it never goes away but you can do things to control your impulses, and you have some great ideas to help with this struggle, especially reaching out to others who are going through so much more than you,it makes you realize your problems dont compare to what others endure.i also think doing these videos will be of great service not only to those who watch them but to you as an outlet to express yourself.i am going through similar struggles and your video was an inspiration to me.thank u.

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