How to be inspired to write while sober?

I know it sounds like a stupid question but I’m wondering if anyone has this problem, and if so how do you overcome it? Don’t judge me! I live in Cali, it’s legal. I mainly write dark poetry, but I write jokes as well. It seems that when I’m "medicated" there’s a stream of ideas flowing through my mind. When I’m sober I can’t come up with anything! I’m trying to not medicate anymore right now for personal reasons but I really hate the fact that I can’t write! How can I be inspired to write when I’m sober?

How to be inspired to write while sober?

Understand that the deep repository of your stream of consciousness responds as it is DIRECTED to do….to "give you ideas" and it CANNOT say no. Your subconscious does not care what its instructions are. Its purpose is to carry out instructions, period (no matter what state of influence you are under). That’s HOW you can retrain it to ACT according to YOUR instructions while sober. (Hint: continuous practice doing this IS the retraining).

Try this: while sober, write about what it’s like to write when you’re not. How ? DELIBERATELY see this as a purpose so compelling that you will not allow anything to change it. The "compulsion to do" can ONLY be invoked IN you, BY you, not by any information you receive from asking for an answer.

Your ample experience of writing while intoxicated (medicated) will give you PLENTY to write about….because you ALREADY have a body of work to use. REMEMBER ?

Take a dispassionate look at EACH work you’ve already written and describe HOW the ideas you put on paper showed up that way (even if only how you think they did).

The stream of ideas flowing though your mind will PULL THEMSELVES INTO YOUR SOBER CONSCIOUSNESS, because you are TELLING your mind to reenact your memories OF writing them.

The process would be like "re"-training yourself to drive safely on the roads in England or Japan (on the "wrong" side) with different "driver’s and passenger’s side, brake and accelerator pedals, different hand brake, etc,…..after years of driving on the "right" side in the U.S.), do you see ?

The motivation to learn would be just as urgent….to navigate the roads (retraining your writing process) without "crashing", if you know what I mean.

A bit of concentrated effort doing this WILL retrain your subconscious to respond to you….because you’re doing this ON PURPOSE (see 1st source on motivation).

Wait until this starts getting to be such fun, that you’ll be surprised when this becomes as second nature to you as say, enjoying the sights in a rental car YOU drive on busy London streets to get to Heathrow Airport so you can hop back across "the pond", pick up another rental in the U.S.; then drive to a friend’s home on the crowded highways of California, before taking a weekend-long trip to Japan, driving your own rental to an apartment in Tokyo….ALL without blinking an eye !

….(’cause you’d be jet-lagged !)

Just kiddin’…

Hope this and the sources, below, inspire you to become so ambidextrous….that you’ll even be able to write (drive) with BOTH sides of your brain, without crashing….whether in the U.S. or not !

How long does it take your body to get used to the side effects of a new medication?

Right now i feel drowsy and headache from a new anti-physcotic medication i started taking for Schizophrenia. Will my body get used to this medication? Or will I always feel that "heavy" feeling.? These are daytime medicine so I dont know how I can carry on like this everday for work unless my body just needs time to adjust to it then I wont feel anything. Are these how anti depressants and anti physcotics work?

It can take days to get use to a medication there is a site that tells you all about medications itis at
Use that site for drugs by condition and side effects. I am on Geodon a anti psychotic and it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it made me very heavy and tired as well. I don’t know what meds you are talking about but if you would like to talk to people / friends become with you can join my site with people going through the same as you @

I have owned and run this group for the past 8-9 years and NAMI sponsors me.

I am not trying to sell my group but it is very helpful to be a part of something and talk to those whom have many great answers without having to wait here, I just nticed nobosy replied and on the group everyoneis treated equally no matter f they have a title or not.

It is a safe wholesome group enviroment and all features are free when you register you get a Free Lifetime membership with all features such as Blogs and gallery for pics and pm orivate messages and it is family orientated as well.

Good luck with your new med the can help you with any medication issues but communication is key.

LOL jan

Can you fly with over the counter meds in your carry on bag?

We have big Costco size bottles of some over the counter meds. SInus meds and ibuprophen and a couple of 5 hour energy drinks. Can we carry those on the plane in a backpack or do we have to check them?

you can take ANY meds over the counter or prescription in your carry on and its recommended that you do in case you checked luggage is lost or stolen.

5 hour energy is NOT considered a medication at all and it must follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule for carry on luggage which is…
-3.4oz (100ml) containers or smaller
-all containers must be placed in a 1 quart size clear plastic zip top baggie
-only 1 baggie per person
-during security you must take out the baggie and place it in a bin provided to you for it to go through the x-ray machine.
if your liquids don’t follow those rules you’ll have to put them in your checked luggage.

What is a good, cheap insurance plan for vision and prescription drugs in Ontario?

I need an individual plan that covers vision and prescription drugs. Any suggestions? Should have good coverage for relatively cheap payments.

Cheap is a relative term. Cheap and good are mutually exclusive. You can try Blue Cross or Manulife and see what they can come up for you.

Phyciatrist prescribed me anti-depressants for daytime BUT I fall asleep no good for work?

Phyciatrist prescribed me Perphenazine for Schizophrenia 2pills a day plus hydroxyzine 2pills a day for anxiety. Problem is with just 1 pill of each i start to get drowsy and need a nap. Now how am I supposed to work like this? Doesent the doctor know what she is doing if she predcribes me this during the daytime? And then for nightime she prescribed me trazodone for insomnia and anti depressant. I thought anti depressants were supposed to be taken during the day. I dont see my doc for another month so thats why Im asking here. Thanks.

Anti-depressants work in 24 hour cycles, so taking them at night isn’t a problem. She prescribed them to be taken at night so they don’t mess with the Perphenazine and the hydroxyzine. Unfortunately you will likely find that most of your medications for your schizophrenia will come with drowsiness as a side effect. You will have to learn to work around it.

Do I have to purchase my glasses from my Optometrists?

I visited an optometrist yesterday and the optician that this optometrist is affiliated tries to sell me glasses. In fact it is quite expensive and I want to check the prices at other places too. Can I get my prescription from there and take it to somewhere else?

Another question, my eyes got 0.25 worse since my last exam but I want to purchase the same lenses that I am using now. Because, I just got bored of seeing my prescription eye numbers got worse and I feel I am happy with my current glasses. How should I tell my optometrist?
Thanks for the responses. I have some scratches on the lenses. I don’t need a frame but I need new lenses. That’s the main reason I went to a doctor.

You can get the prescription and have it filled anywhere you want. Be careful of those cut-rate chains, though. I had a problem with them and so have others. Tiny scratch in the center of both lenses from poor handling, center of lens not centered in front of the eye and more. There are independent places that do a good job for a reasonable price. But I see little reason to buy new glasses if you aren’t going to change the lenses and I doubt the optometrist would write you a falsified prescription. If all you want are new frames you might be able to get your old lenses trimmed down and reset.

How do you help an alcoholic?

My boyfriend of 2 years is an alcoholic and when he gets drunk he likes to tell me to leave him alone and that he doesn’t care about me. I know he does that’s why I am still around and he stops drinking every now and again to prove he can. But what can I do to help instead of sounding controlling by telling him he needs to slow down or chill out. Remind you he likes to drink a 30 pack a day to himself.

You can’t ‘help’ and alcoholic. You need to speak with Al-Anon, to see what you can and cannot do.

Find another boyfriend. You’re putting up with crappy treatment, and if you have a child – this is the life that he/she will live as well. Choose better for them.

What are the odds a drug addicts parents would put an obituary in the paper about her death?

Say a young woman in her early 40′s died of a drug overdose. She hasn’t spoken to her parents for years. Do you think anyone would put an obituary in the paper about her death?

Do you actually believe her parents would rejoice, and be exceedingly glad? Do you think her parents would throw a party? Or, in their church newsletter, under "reasons to celebrate", would you find an announcement about her death? Now, maybe they would or would not place an obituary notice in the newspaper. But, I seriously doubt they would take lessons for the "Dance of Joy".

How should you write a letter to a alcoholic parent?

I’m writing a letter to my mom who is a alcoholic. I need some help writing it. I don’t want her to feel like I’m attacking her but I’m trying to express my feelings. Please help!

Ok quick pointer… your mother is AN alcoholic.. not A alcoholic.

And uhh yeah this is always hard approaching someone you love and care about with a pressing issue. Here is what I would say. I don’t know your age or anything… but tomorrow or the next time you see her.. tell her you want to start doing _________. Whatever you choose to say you are going to start doing make it something she will not approve of.. something that she is going to say will ruin your life and is a wasteful oppurtunity. My strategy here is to try and get her to tell you to stop doing something by the same logic you could use against her. Ya feel me? Like if you randomly started smoking.. Your mom would probably say not to do that because it is bad for your health.. and if you ask why she even cares she would say because she loves you.. same argument you could use against her and her drinking.

One thing you’ll need to do is to ask her why she drinks so much.. it’ll prob get emotional here. She’ll prob either lash out at you or start crying. But tell her she doesn’t have to tell you if she doesn’t want… but you just want her to see that she is obviously drinking to suppress some memory and that that is never the right thing to do. Tell her if something is bothering her or if something traumatized her that you want to help her.. and you want to help her get healthy so she can be in your life as long as she can.

That’s what I can think of… But there are three main rules you have to remember

#1) Do not turn this into an argument; if she starts getting ansy or hostile just tell her you want to help that is it. And if she will not cooperate put it off for another time, because anger never helps come to an agreement.

#2) Do all this while she is sober (if possible) or whenever she is at the least level of intoxication. If she is balls hard drunk and you try this she will a) likely not remember anything, b) not be able to take you seriously, and c) probably lash out because people are usually extra tippy when they are drunk

#3) If you ask her to change… you have got to help her and stay dedicated. You can not simply tell her to stop drinking and expect her to do it on her own. She is in this predicament because she cannot control herself.. so there is no way in hell she will be able to do this on her own. You will have to start spending way more time with her, and try and help her develop a new hobby (i.e. knitting, walking, cooking channel, etc..)

Best of luck and my prayers are with you sweet darling! icon smile How should you write a letter to a alcoholic parent?

What is the best meds for anxiety/panic?

I was put on Remeron after checking myself into a mental center for anxiety and panic attacks. I have been through this for over 11 years off and on. Child birth is what sparked it. I have had 4 children and it always came after each child. Scary thoughts and extreme anxiety. I got it when I was pregnant with my last 2 children which is strange. I have been on Prozac,Zoloft,Paxil, and Celexa. Celexa is the one I was on after having my last two kids and it seemed to help after a few months. I was also in therapy for almost 1 year. My anxiety and fear came back about a week ago out of no where. I got so scared I checked myself into a mental place because I knew that would be the quickest way to get meds and see a doctor. She put me on Remeron. I really don’t know why she didn’t just put me on Celexa because that seemed to help in the past. I was told that Remeron works faster. Now I have developed this fear of driving and this depersonalization feeling while driving and it freaks me out. I don’t feel safe while driving because I keep getting this dreamy,foggy feeling when I drive. I don’t know why Im having it. I was wondering what works good for anxiety and panic attacks. The psychiatrist doesn’t seem to want to give me valium or Xanax because they are addicting. She is not the first doctor to tell me that . I feel what’s the point of having those drugs if no doctor wants to give them out. I need some relief.

If pregnancy is triggering these episodes, you may have a chemical/hormonal imbalance causing depression rather than psychological depression.

There are many physical causes of anxiety and depression including: anemia, hypothyroid, hypoglycemia, pregnancy induced diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, vitamin B-6, B-12 or D deficiencies –

Get a doctor (M.D.) to do bloodwork to check on any of these conditions before taking psychiatric medications which will not solve your depression.

Valium and Xanax (and the other benzodiazepines) were once thought to be relatively safe, today we know they aren’t. Short term affects are tolerance, addiction; Long term affects are psychosis, paradoxical symptoms (anxiety and fear worse than before you began the drug), withdrawal side affects between doses (which makes the condition appear to be getting worse), benzodiazepine-induced dementia, loss of libido and sexual function (often permanently). Many side effects are irreversible, the withdrawal syndrome lasts two full years from the last dose..

The SSRIs only job is to boost serotonin – which may not be your problem at all and can make symptoms worse.