Passages Malibu Chris Prentiss introduces Holistic Treatment

0 Passages Malibu Chris Prentiss introduces Holistic TreatmentWhat you believe about yourself f, about alcoholism and addiction, and about the possibility of a cure are key factors in determining whether you’ll overcome your dependency on addictive substances and behaviors or remain dependent on them. Some of your beliefs will be based on what you’ve experienced and heard about treatment for substance abuse. Perhaps you don’t believe you can be helped because of what you’ve heard about some treatment centers. Perhaps you’ve been to several of them and you’ve become an unbeliever because of the poor care you received. Perhaps you’ve heard that other dependent people relapse frequently, and therefore you’ve subconsciously given yourself permission to relapse.
Confucius, who lived 2,500 years ago said, “It is the saddest of all things, when a person gives up.” One of the most comforting and important messages we offer those who contact us at Passages for the first time is hopeā€”the hope that they or their loved one will be cured. We can hear the relief in their voices, as if they had been suddenly pardoned from a long prison sentence. The treatment program for that caller or that caller’s loved one begins with that first phone call. At graduation ceremonies, graduates frequently refer to that first telephone conversation with Pax or me as the moment they felt their first glimmer of real hope. They also talk about the first fellow client who greeted them when they arrived at Passages.
Meeting someone who is also in the Passages program is an important moment. When clients first arrive and walk through that huge front door and someone who’s been in treatment for a week or two or three comes to greet them and tells them that they’re in the best place in the world, that they’ll be helped, and that they themselves are experiencing a miraculous cure . . . well, it makes all the difference. And because all our clients have had the experience of being welcomed, they’re eager to pass along the comfort to another.
Clients and others have also told me of the despair they felt, the same despair Pax and I felt, when they heard for the first time that addiction or alcoholism is a disease, that it is incurable, and that they would be addicts or alcoholics for the rest of their lives. Those statements make us feel as if we’ve been sentenced to a cold, dark prison cell

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