SSRI and other antidepressants warning – Celexa/Citalopram and the others from this group

0 SSRI and other antidepressants warning   Celexa/Citalopram and the others from this groupHi people, I wanted to warn anyone who wonders wether to take antidepressants or not. I wanted to tell you not to do it because it can cause you permanent brain damage. This is not the full video which I made , Its only a part of it but in it I axplain what antidepressants did to me. I did a terrible mistake taking an SSRI called Citalopram and it did dmage to my brain. Befor taking the drug I was an A student and was very motivated to do my work, I had dreams and plans for the future, I also felt love ( the most wonderful feeling that makes you sad sometimes but inspires you), I could experiance the world like every huma being. I lost all of these things the love for my work , the love for the boy which inspired me, I lost my feelings for everything that is precious to me , I died for the world. I feel like Im not 20 anymore, Im not the happy sensitive person I was. In my channel I had uploaded episodes called “First Wave” Its not very famous but I loved it from a child until now and I uploaded it so that more fans could see it. But after I took Citalopram I lost my feelings for it , for my favourite show which I have always loved and all the songs and films which inspired me. I feel like a living dead person now and I know why people commit suicide when they are on these drugs. Because they lose their love for life. My brain doesnt produce almost any dopamine and dopamine is the real hormone of happyness because it make us feel and experiance the world, it fuels our dreams and desires and what the drugs do is to lower it down so you cant feel pleasure from anything. All this happened to me because of this SSRI drug. I went to a doctor again and they prescribed me another one and I got an adverse reaction to it. Now Im almost fully anhedonic , I tryed to commit sucide 3 weeks ago but it was unsuccessful, It was because of an adverse reaction to another one called Anafranil. Hopefully in the hospital they didnt give me any more drugs. I wanted to warn you about these drugs and that they are very dangerous and just the same as streat drugs. The farmacies recieve money from them because they cause addiction and long lasting damage. I took the pills on the end of March 1011 and after that my life fell appart. The same will happen to you if you take any of these drugs. People dont really understand what depression is, they thing that when they suffer from love or from a loss of a loved one they are depressed but they are not. Feeling sad is only human , If we can feel sad we can feel happy as well. Now I cant even feel sad , I forse myself to cry but all that comes out is one tear from the right eye , nothing else. Every day looks the same now I feel like my life is pointless, like all my dreams died along with my feelings for the world. I cant feel love, I cant even feel nostalgia anymore, I dont feel happy thinking about my home and my relatives. I wanted to warn every one of you who wonders wether to take these drugs. Dont do it because the same will happen to you and you will ruine your life. The greatest treasure that we have are emotions , if we loose them , we are nothing. Now Im in a state of anhedonia – the worst thing that can happen to you. People with anhedonia are the saddest people in the world because they live pointless ); this will happen to you if you take these drugs. I saw that so many people are put on them even innocent children – it is inhumane ); I wanted to warn as many people as I can about this danger. Me and many other sufferers are the tragic example why you shouldnt take these pills. If I cant save my life at least I can prevent this to happen to others. These drugs are not the way to happyness but to eternal suffering. I would like you to look at the links below, I think that they explain a lot about why you shouldnt take them:

This is the real hormone of happyness. The one that makes us feel the one that makes us human. The antidepressants lower it down :

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  • JuneMarieRawFood says:

    very sweet of you …
    very sweet of you to help others

  • CrystallineAscension says:

    I am so proud of …
    I am so proud of you to have courage to help others. My dear one you are amazing. You touch the lives of many.

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