Feds settle vaccine lawsuit and seal results.

0 Feds settle vaccine lawsuit and seal results.Politicians sell Americans health to pharmaceutical companies and tax payers have to pick up the tab for lawsuits.
Vaccines are not safe and the amount of shots children are taking keep increasing at a tremendous speed. This means huge profits for the big pharmaceutical companies especially when the schools say that it is mandatory. The truth is, is that vaccines are not mandatory. There is a religious exemption. For examples on how to write an exemption letter go to http://www.vaclib.org/exemption.htm. Educate yourself at http://www.vaclib.org/

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25 Responses to “Feds settle vaccine lawsuit and seal results.”

  • nooogetta says:

    I wonder if the …
    I wonder if the Polings had to agree not to discuss details of the case publicly as a requirement of the settlement. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened in a court case. One victim is bought off and the with future victims.

  • hillarygardner says:

    Really? Are we …
    Really? Are we surprised the government is hiding the fact vax’s cause not only autism but plenty of other illnesses? They are sneaky jerks. I feel horrible for the family

  • animlnitr8 says:

    @Suebee777 EXACTLY! …
    @Suebee777 EXACTLY! i’m sick and tired of most of the media just regurgitating the b.s. and lies the cdc wants us to believe…ugh. this was a good report.

  • animlnitr8 says:

    @mcse19 ” …
    @mcse19 “corporations now own our Government+FDA” SO TRUE! (so sickeningly true.) it serves big pharma well to keep us all sick…so they can sell us their other drugs for the ailments we get from vaccines…and then we need even more drugs for the side effects of THOSE drugs…ugh…

  • mcse19 says:

    @animlnitr8 If you …
    @animlnitr8 If you want to be even more sick, look into the cancer business. Here’s the scheme. Cause cancer and then create a HUGE organization who lives off the funds of taxpayers and then charges them for “Treatments” Not cures. You cannot bilk the tax payer if there is a cure for cancer, but you certainly can if you pretend you are looking for a cure, while you perfect treatments that work 2% of the time. See “healing cancer from the inside out”. Preview is on youtube. Big biz scandal.

  • mcse19 says:

    @animlnitr8 Big …
    @animlnitr8 Big pharma and other big business own our government. If you are sick of it, write your congress people and let them know you aren’t interested in anything that’s not line item. See, the politicians get paid, then the corps write the laws that favor them, politicians don’t bother to read 2000 or 10 page documents as was recently exposed. Junk gets stuffed into bills like “Save the Children” Then $500 gets spent on children and 5 trillion gets spent on junk. Audit the government.

  • nooogetta says:

    Talking head bimbo …
    Talking head bimbo says “despite research and science..”. What does she know about research and science?? Get this out of the court of television talking head bimbos and public opinion. Put it where it belongs– in front of a jury.

    Tho vaccines aren’t mandated for a child to attend public school, yet my children’s school superintendent published in the newsletter that it is and refused to publish the truth. Such people are complicit, as well, as far as i’m concerned. In genocide.

  • Tuber23321 says:

    You can paste this …
    You can paste this link into your browser:


    and this one for the Vaccine Compensation home page:


    Wow! What a sweet deal for big pharma!

    Can you imagine how OUTRAGED Americans would be if for every pack of cigarettes sold, the tobacco industry tacked on a “fee” for their future cancer victims?

    The truth is big pharma has no incentive to care how many infants are injured by their toxins, they don’t….

  • Tuber23321 says:

    pay a single penny …
    pay a single penny for the victims of their poison science projects.

    Check out that Vaccine Compensation link I posted and you’ll notice that the Poling case is not the first one to be compensated for an injury that resulted in “autism.”

    The US government has done nothing but lie since day one, they are being paid off by big pharma, who is ultimately pulling and controlling the strings of these talking head government puppets.

    It’s revolting and unacceptable and we need to clean house!

  • Tuber23321 says:



    Please read the link I posted!

  • johnollerjr says:

    The Ollers in 2010, …
    The Ollers in 2010, Autism: The Diagnosis, Treatment, & Etiology of the Undeniable Epidemic, show that mitochondrial disorders are extremely common in persons diagnosed with autism. See pp. 230ff citing relevant research. “The odds against finding the unlikely coincidence of both autism and mitochondrial dysfunction in any one child with ‘regressive’ autism, as we find it in the case of Hannah Poling, ought to be 750,000 to 1—but it is not.” It’s 30 times more likely than it ought to be.

  • mcse19 says:

    @johnollerjr It …
    @johnollerjr It will be interesting to find out what was sealed in this verdict and why.

  • Noshoesworn says:

    I am boycotting all …
    I am boycotting all big pharma drugs and vaccines, the side effect from this can only be better health.

  • blavatsky3 says:

    Was there mercury …
    Was there mercury in any of the vaccines used on this child ?
    What is the Childs name?
    Are the parents contactable ?

  • LazyOtaku says:

    Vaccines cause …
    Vaccines cause autism? why would the government want to hide that?? I WONDER….

  • bowdenjoanne says:

    Check this website …
    Check this website out
    Lyme Induced Autism Foundation
    Mitochondrial dysfunction is a common problem with patients with Lyme disease and vaccine has been recognised as a possible trigger but some children with Autism do respond to treatments.

  • nooogetta says:

    Taxpayers shouldn’t …
    Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for this, vaccine makers should. Why is there even a special ‘Vaccine Court’? Why can’t parents who believe their child was harmed by a vaccine sue in the same sort of court as anyone else who believes they or their loved one was harmed by a product?

  • dellbalboa says:

    i blame her mum for …
    i blame her mum for being stupid and gullible, why would you allow your child to have 5 vaccines in one day? 1.5 million is not good enough, thats pennies….again stupid mum should have rejected that offer, sealing the case, is another treacherous act by this evil eugenicist piece of dirt useless eaters government, if you still have any faith in the government, then there’s no hope for you

  • Tuber23321 says:

    It would be nice if …
    It would be nice if these “professionals” could “report” accurate information! The taxpayers DO NOT foot the bill for vaccine injuries!! And guess what? Neither do the vaccine makers!! Every person who gets a vaccine pays a fee/surcharge that is tacked on to the purchase price. This fee/surcharge goes into a fund which is managed by the federal government called the Vaccine Compensation Fund. So in other words, the suckers who may become injured by vaccines themselves are ones who pay.

  • nooogetta says:

    Why’d the …
    Why’d the government settle this case? Oh yeah. Dad is a neurosurgeon and mom’s a nurse/lawyer.

    I always laugh when I hear she developed ‘autism-like symptoms’. Everyone diagnosed with autism has ‘autism-like symptoms’. There is no other way to diagnose the disorder.

  • leahstoltz says:

    I am sickened that …
    I am sickened that anyone let her get 9 vaccines in one day! How does anyone think that is okay? Why is her surgeon father suprised? THINK parents! THINK.

  • mcse19 says:

    @sfwdcivic There is …
    @sfwdcivic There is proof that some vaccines have worked. However, there is absolutely no proof that many of these work at all, in fact most flu vaccines often cause a person to have flu. This is by design. See Jane Burgermeister or Baxter Pharmaceuticals. Money over well being is the driving force in almost all American politics. We elect politicians to represent us, their campaigns are paid for by companies and politicians seeking higher profits. Thus, corporations now own our Government+FDA

  • sfwdcivic says:

    vaccines = Autism …
    vaccines = Autism and S.I.D.S. plus other bad things. Does vaccines work? Any proof?
    Money over the actual well being of the population this goes for many other things such as food, medication, and general products.

  • Suebee777 says:

    I like it when the …
    I like it when the media does what it is supposed to do, and this is one time when they are doing a great job of it! Excellent coverage! Thanks Karen!

  • animlnitr8 says:

    so let me get this …
    so let me get this straight…taxpayers are the ones footing the bill for this vaccine award? shouldn’t big pharma be paying that? wtf?
    (not a poke at hannah or her family, btw…i’m just sick and tired of getting screwed by the govt in every single way possible.)

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