Americans – Controlled by addiction.

0 Americans    Controlled by addiction.Another way the NWO controls you. If you are on their drugs, do your best to find a way off them now. In a collapse, drug addicts are dangerous and they die. Detox off what you can. Change your diet, exercise. Get healthy! If you cannot get off or reduce, better find a way to stock pile some medication.

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4 Responses to “Americans – Controlled by addiction.”

  • armywifeprepper says:

    I worked in the …
    I worked in the medical field and one of my “benefits” was the freebies and daily luncheons brought to us by the pharm reps. Everyday we were fed like royalty! Docs love their pharm reps because they lower their overhead.

  • LoneRaven0102 says:

    @KillaCommie4Mommy …
    @KillaCommie4Mommy Amen! I agree. It is one of the ways they control and kill. They are destroying our people by meth and pills. I have seen entire towns down south destroyed and changed by drugs. It is so upsetting. Like you said it is normal to feel depression, fear, sadness. Ect ect. People have become ignorant and weak. Also, I am having problems with posting on YT. The reply button is not working. How about you?

  • KillaCommie4Mommy says:

    I don’t care HOW …
    I don’t care HOW depressed I get… I will NEVER take their mood altering drugs…. Turns you into a mind numb zombie and INCREASES your chances of suicide.

  • KillaCommie4Mommy says:

    Anyone who’s NOT …
    Anyone who’s NOT depressed from time to time, is either on drugs already or just not paying attention. Depressing feelings are NORMAL… Just like being happy or angry is normal. Where in the Bible does it say we should always be happy? Too many weak people these days would rather take a pill and walk around all day with a bizarre smile on their face. God gives us these feelings of depression when there’s something wrong going on…. FIX the problem Sheep…. don’t MASK it.

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