Hamstring – Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation – High Level Activities

0 Hamstring   Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation   High Level ActivitiesHigh level hamstring activities used in Australian Rules Football.
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Duration : 0:3:25

3 Responses to “Hamstring – Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation – High Level Activities”

  • AcademyofSP says:

    I really enjoyed …
    I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for posting.

  • vicsportsrehab says:

    Definitely I can do …
    Definitely I can do up a quad based program. Also a very common injury in AFL.

  • MaxNRGpt says:

    Great video, with …
    Great video, with some excellent exercise variations that I havn’t seen before. Will you be posting more videos like this? Maybe a Quadricep based video?

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