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0 Rehab Team Physical Therapy Clinic.wmvPhysical Therapy Clinic, located in 1913 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago IL 60622. Tel. (312) 929 – 2950. Rehab Team programs and services include treatment for the following:
• Strokes, Using state of the art Modalities to addresses issues related to strokes including weakness or paralysis, impaired balance or coordination, difficulty walking, depression, difficulties with daily tasks.
• Spinal cord injuries – treats patients with injuries resulting from trauma, infection, tumors, and stroke;
• Brain injuries – typically treats patients with issues resulting from trauma, cerebral hemorrhage, infection, tumors, oxygen deprivation.
• Neuromuscular issues – treats patients with Guillain Barre’, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer.

We can help:
Neck pain & headaches.
Back pain & herniated disc & sciatica.
Joint pain (knee, hip, shoulder)
Stroke, Parkinsonism & cerebral palsy.
Diabetic & alcoholic neuropathy (Numbness).
Total hip & knee replacement rehabilitation.
Arthritis Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Fibromyalgia & Dizziness
And much more.

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