Fight at the Methadone clinic!!!!

0 Fight at the Methadone clinic!!!!Telling the story of an altercation that happened at the Methadone clinic on Saturday.

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  • seaoat44 says:

    lmao!!!!!” WOW! my …
    lmao!!!!!” WOW! my thoughts exactly,god damn, I bet that chick didnt want people to feel like puking! get some class” its lowlifes like you that dont have balls to speak when needed,that cause so much drama,if filling ur face doesnt shut you the up,I feel for anyone close by you

  • ProChoiceJesus says:

    You accuse others …
    You accuse others of being “white trash” while you shovel food down your throat while vomiting filth & vulgar hatred and violent threats toward some people with problems and issues just like you (and me). Hypocrite, you should go look in the mirror when you accuse others of being “white trash.”

  • PatsyFK72 says:

    Wow!!! Real …
    Wow!!! Real classy bitch. You look like a cow shoving food down your throat. That was trashy.

  • David Austad says:

    What does the …
    What does the clinic think about you posting videos about them?

  • David Austad says:

    My advice to …
    My advice to everybody is keep you mouth shut, and focus on yourself.

  • Matthew John McCormick says:

    I love your meth …
    I love your meth mouth. You been hitting my sky blue product, its 98% proof.

  • thedriza says:


  • pania5 says:

    drama at the clinic …
    drama at the clinic or always happens no matter what country ur in Wellington.Newzealand&not often but strife has come my way.good storyteller.enjoyed.

  • pania5 says:


  • Renee Ramsburg says:

    Hun! I have been in …
    Hun! I have been in the clinic for 4 years and been clean since Congrats to you keep it up! The think every clinic is the same WHITE TRASH PEOPLE!!! they make the place look so bad!! well Much luv Renee! wanna chat hit me up?!?!?!

  • wes hooser says:

    do u have nothing …
    do u have nothing better 2 do than post vids about your methadone clinic!

  • Frank Oglesby says:

    Well done mate .. …
    Well done mate ..Fuck me that must ov been brutal 2 do..Especialy with benzos.aswell What do you think is harder to come off .Methadone or heroin..Mind you the heroin in the U.S is well stronger than here in england..Try and keep clean my friend and good luck to you …..

  • wavygr says:

    Sorry to burst your …
    Sorry to burst your bubble but she wouldn’t answer your question so me another man from USA did.

  • wavygr says:

    I was going to ask …
    I was going to ask if blonde girl was as irritating as you but I was afraid you couldn’t take a joke.

  • Ian P says:

    I detoxed from 130 …
    I detoxed from 130 mg of meth ,heroin n benzos . It is the devil but it can b done ..

  • Xxtiacc88xX says:

    @ZacHansonLover80 …
    @ZacHansonLover80 Melbourne Australia.

  • ZacHansonLover80 says:

    Yes, they have a …
    Yes, they have a Methadone clinic right here in Cocoa Florida and I am no better than you(This girl in the video) But did you just start the clinic? maybe a month ago???….Really! you got to watch what you put in your mouth,,] thats why I am on the Semen diet. Its alot healthier.

  • ZacHansonLover80 says:

    I am so sorry, * …
    I am so sorry, *Trys to not laugh* But you need a eating-a-done clinic hunny… OK…. I love you, but either eat before the video or… IDK…. STOP EATING! :-/

  • ZacHansonLover80 says:


  • Nicole Hales says:

    stooooop eating …
    stooooop eating while your talking

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