0 METHADONE IN PERTHThis is a short documentary about Methadone. A group of five Murdoch University students (myself included) spent a semester interviewing people who are involved with both the providing and the consuming side of the methadone maintenance program.
Our gratitude goes out to;
Nick and Ashley
Dr Goergina
Michael from Greg’s discount Pharmacy in Fremantle,
and Murdoch Uni for the use of great equipment.

Duration : 0:9:54

5 Responses to “METHADONE IN PERTH”

  • brewceeQC says:

    Your “grammar” …
    Your “grammar” needs some improvement. Listen mate, I’m sorry your grandmother was attacked. If you watch the video again, you MAY understand that it is about the Methadone program which helps people who are robbing grandma, houses etc to become stable, productive and contributing members of society. Anyway, thanks for your contribution to this discussion.

  • fenkent says:

    whatever junkie …
    whatever junkie attack my grammar because most people dont give a fukn rats about you and your loser junkie faces. Im sure you have struggled when you robbed and bashed an elderly person for your smack. Dead set dropkick lowest scum on the world you junkies are

  • fenkent says:

    im sick of junkie …
    im sick of junkie in melbourne. If i had my way they would “disappear”. Fukn dead set fukn lowest life on the planet

  • ricky d says:

    Methadone has saved …
    Methadone has saved my life…i would be dead or in jail if not for it. i guess some posers might say,”waaaa waaaaa its no good”. they are uninformed about the DECREASE in crime due to methadone, because the user doesn’t need to steal or rob or burglarize anymore to pay for heroin. Methadone is much cheaper AND i read for every $4 spent on methadone tx, $7 is saved by the public due to decrease incarceration (tax payers pay to lock people up). there are several positive reasons to choose methdne

  • lilbro209 says:

    If you are the one …
    If you are the one who who did this Doc then you only got some of it. It can be ok for some but for people like myself it’s like a death sentence.

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