Too much methadone!

0 Too much methadone!120mg of Methadone.

Notice how he hits his head on the cieling at 2:46 & it takes him until 3:10 to say “Ow”.
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  • P Fletch says:

    I have seen it a …
    I have seen it a lot at our clinic here in town..I hate to say it but there are those who want to use it to wean off eventually and those who want to use it that are still seeking that high. I had a friend recently die because he nodded off driving while on 120 mgs when he was only using 5 to 6 percs a day orally before he started methadone. He told me that they encouraged him to keep going up when he felt fine at 35 mgs. I dont know.

  • ADOGGBOY says:

    Richard Simmons!
    Richard Simmons!

  • ADOGGBOY says:

    He is high as …
    He is high as fuck, I’ve been there 240mg dose plus 10mg of Clonapin very dangerous, but if I’m honest I loved it. What a great high. I love it.

  • leanfiend444 says:

    oh my god… im …
    oh my god… im sorry…

  • heartundead says:

    with my phone and …
    with my phone and showed him the next day. He said it freaked him out n he learned a lesson. I was told by his friend that he took 3 sleeping pills 45mins later still awake took 3 more. Well on the 12th of this month he died in his sleep from taking methadone. If I knew the truth back then. . . wld he b here 2day??? THIS KINDA STUFF SHLD WARN PEOPLE OF POSSIBILE OD. THIS AIN’T FUNNY WHEN ITS 2 LATE!!!

  • heartundead says:

    This video makes me …
    This video makes me so sick! Several months ago me and my boyfriend come home around 9pm to find my 17 yr old son standing in the dark in the kitchen near the back door facing the wall and it looked like he kept bumpin n2 it like he ws tryin 2 walk thru it. I kept hollering at him what r u doing what r U doin and he turned toward me and walked over by us and stood there making a motion like he ws taking a hit off a joint then slowly bent over till his forehead was on kitchen table. I filmed him

  • etherealmist76 says:

    I don’t understand, …
    I don’t understand, what’s he trying to do? tie his shoe laces?I have never seen someone nod out from a standing position,to touching their toes, to standing again,to touching thier toes….
    Did you show this video to him when he was straight?I hope he doesn’t drive in that condition….

  • etherealmist76 says:

    I agree, I’m on 92, …
    I agree, I’m on 92, and I’ve never been like that,they really try to inform people at my clinic that if you mix benzos with methedone you could die. I’ve seen people act like this on just benzos alone,I can’t imagine attempting to even mixing something of the two like that together. I just hope people that get like this have a chance to see themselves through watching how this guy is…and know not to get behind the wheel of a car…

  • xXxkawaiiXpandaxXx says:

    I’ve been that high …
    I’ve been that high on methadone/benzo combo before my boyfriend as well the sad thing is 1 of us fell asleep with a cigarette and caught the bed on fire and I was so mad because I got a scar on my leg that’s all I cared about at that time now that I’m no longer on methadone I realize how lucky I am to be alive I wish the best for you and your boyfriend

  • asap2stacks says:

    Your boy friend is …
    Your boy friend is a junkie, ditch him and get a real man

  • Junefith5 says:

    hes for sure taking …
    hes for sure taking benzos! and thats sad because hes going to overdose one day, hes going to go to sleep and never wake up again, in the mean while your house or apt will burn down. I cant even believe the clinic would allow him to be on 120mg and not pee test him, here in AZ if your on benzos you arent allowed tto be any higher than 50mg i believe…How sad to see this…….

  • Lonnie Johnston says:

    Im on 120 and Ive …
    Im on 120 and Ive been going for about 6 years and I was on 120 about a month after being there that dude shouldnt even be at the clinic I definitly agree hes gotta be on benzos no way hes not cause Ive never been like that on methadone even when I first was using thats nuts hes going to get worse just watch and see before u know it ur house will be in a pile of ashes

  • Jodie Peacey says:

    Im on 95mgs and no …
    Im on 95mgs and no nod,not at all.I agree that he must be taking benzos as well as that is the only time I have been affected like that!!

  • Epollard0220 says:

    He’s been goin to …
    He’s been goin to the clinic for at least a year now. I think he was started out around 40mg, & just kept going up & up until he couldn’t go up any more. I personally don’t agree with methadone clinics, I don’t think they should let them go up on there dose. The “doctors” should decide what mg dosage they need to be at & then take them down from there.

    But yea, you could be right, I’ve had other people say he’s gotta be on something else along with the methadone.

  • Joaquim Santos says:

    How come he was put …
    How come he was put on 120mgs? you should be put on 30mgs and if thats not enought they would slowy raise the dose, but because its done slowly then he shoulnd’t get that sedated….
    He must be using other drugs like benzos if he did raise his dose from 30 to 130 as it should be, over weeks/months.

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