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Our vision is BIG.
Our mission is critical.
Our success stories are amazing.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to Jewish Recovery Houses (JRH). We are a Baltimore-based non-profit organization that helps Jewish men and women who are in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Currently we have two recovery houses in Baltimore: Tova House, a women’s sober-living facility, and the House of Hope, a men’s sober living facility. Through these two facilities, we are able to help Jewish men and women live full and complete lives in recovery. We recently just acquired a 3rd home which we are in the process of renovating. It actually needs a new roof! Coincidence – we hope not! The current roof is 18 years old and has a 20 year life expectancy. We would need to raise an additional $40,000 to replace the existing roof — so right off the bat winning this contest would save us $40,000 in renovation costs!!! In addition, a green roof would probably save us 15% to 20% on annual utilities which would amount to between $10,000-$15,000/year — money that we could then devote to helping more people heal!

Our mission is to help men and women in the early stages of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol by providing residential transitional recovery facilities.

Our BIG Vision is to expand our service and recovery model to other groups. We see no reason why there shouldn’t be a Christian Recovery Houses, Muslim Recovery Houses, Buddhist Recovery Houses, and more. We also believe groups with other commonalities would also work; such as Irish Recovery Houses, or Attorney’s Recovery Houses.

These houses are places where families can heal and confidence can be rebuilt. These houses are places where lives are literally transformed.

Our success stories are amazing — just watch our video. We believe that the best way to treat addiction is through a homogeneous therapeutic community model, and according to our data, we are right. JRH alumni have a 45% long-term sobriety compared to a national average of only 10%. Every addict and alcoholic deserves sobriety and dignity — no matter where they have come from or what their disease has taken from them and their loved ones.

We now invite you to watch the video below. On behalf of everyone here at JRH, thank you for your consideration.

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