New Jersey Opiate Addiction Treatment

0 New Jersey Opiate Addiction Treatment New Jersey Opiate Addiction Treatment from Park Bench Group is a progressive addiction rehabilitation facility offering the most current successful therapeutic treatments available. We provide individual therapy as well as a variety of intensive group experiences conducted by certified therapists who truly care about their clients ( See Testimonials ).

Our programs offer a unique insight into each participant’s disease process resulting in a high success rate. A personalized treatment plan and recovery program in a beautiful by the beach in New Jersey setting is designed specifically for each client and makes our individual therapies extremely effective.

The Park Bench story is one of transition from illness to recovery from codependency and enabling to tough love and the saving of ourselves – from a place of despair to a place of reflection… from merely existing to truly living a fulfilling life.

Park Bench’s inpatient services

Park Bench’s inpatient services include beachfront sober housing along the eastern shore of Atlantic City. Clients reside in a complimentary mansion supervised by skilled Park Bench employees. Our “boutique” program affords our clients comfort and serenity as they enjoy all that the seashore has to offer, while recovering in an intensive therapy environment.

Therapy at Park Bench exceeds all expectations and state requirements with group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, discharge planning and a unique family program. Therapy ratios are 4:1 which ensures that all the clients receive personalized and attentive therapy services.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Park Bench’s partial hospitalization program offers seven-day-a-week therapeutic services. While attending our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), clients reside in a complimentary “mansion by the beach.” The supervised sober house offers the added experience of learning to live sober, versus just getting sober which is the cornerstone of Park Bench’s treatment philosophy. Many drug rehabs in Northfield, NJ aren’t prepared to manage co-occurring disorders in an integrated manner.

This service is a wonderful option and avoids the need for an inpatient facility while maintaining the least restrictive environment possible. Modalities of PHP are diverse, including individual counseling, family counseling, group treatment, and life skills treatment. Discharge planning is initiated at the intake and includes, but is not limited to, life skills assessment, IOP or individual aftercare, and AA/NA. Random drug testing is provided as needed with this service.

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