“I’ve got soul but I am not a soldier” by Intoxicated JT

0 Ive got soul but I am not a soldier by Intoxicated JTThis is from the movie “Southland Tales”, it is about the best quality YouTube will allow.

Pay special attention to the woman’s legs at 1:00. Simply phenomenal.


Duration : 0:2:43

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25 Responses to ““I’ve got soul but I am not a soldier” by Intoxicated JT”

  • vikmega says:

    for some reason …
    for some reason this reminds me of gutterballs from the big lewbowski

  • MrTsquared88 says:

    ive got soul ’cause …
    ive got soul ’cause im not a ginger!

  • lovecraftis says:

    This is the only …
    This is the only watchable seqence in the film

  • MARSUP10 says:

    Who is the nurse at …
    Who is the nurse at 1:04 and 1:26

  • ThePOOPMAN87 says:

    It gets sad after …
    It gets sad after he gets his fun because suddenly he remembers its the end of the world and he misses his best friend………..this part was one of my favorites

  • campwoodward02 says:

    @RYANRYAN1234567 In …
    @RYANRYAN1234567 In this movie, justin timberlakes character is a war vet and that is a battle scar from the war

  • RYANRYAN1234567 says:

    whats that around …
    whats that around his eye

  • RushDaTeez says:

    wow these girl are …
    wow these girl are beautiful

  • HellBound1716 says:

    I loved this movie! …
    I loved this movie! it was weird but still loved it for some reason…maybe cuz im weird lol

  • ChaosDynamics says:

    I’ve gotta soul ‘ …
    I’ve gotta soul ’cause I’m not a ginger!

  • SamuraiSwoosh says:

    @wiznillyp It’s not …
    @wiznillyp It’s not being sung by JT. It’s being mouthed. This song is by the Killers. Just as it is here.

  • napalmmice says:


  • soahcalm says:

    Justin took a cloth …
    Justin took a cloth and and painted that on his shirt about an hour before production. Its fake blood, turned out great. six degrees of seperation, I actually know a friend of a friend that worked on production.

  • TheShittyCox says:

    so it comes to the …
    so it comes to the end….

  • brother776 says:

    i want that shirt , …
    i want that shirt , i read somwhere i cant remember where justin made that is that true?? i have tryed finding it but god no’s where i could find it

  • fcandfm3000 says:

    guyy looks like …
    guyy looks like justin timberlake

  • vXRangerXv says:

    One Big Waste OF …
    One Big Waste OF BEEER!

  • italia300 says:

    its not a sad movie …
    its not a sad movie per-say.. its just kinna weird.. but worth watching!

  • walmsleyben123 says:

    is it sadd ??
    is it sadd ??

  • vallchick79 says:


  • tylerboy67 says:


  • hernanesful says:


  • italia300 says:

    This was from a …
    This was from a movie he did called SouthLand Tales.. awesome movie.. weird but good!!

  • drewfines says:

    i will eat …
    i will eat you

  • niksta1 says:

    Are you gay or …
    Are you gay or something?

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