Joe Budden ft. Crooked I – “Sober Up” + Lyrics

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I broke down a while ago, finally picking up the pieces
Memoirs on how the undefeated, can feel depleated
I don’t talk to God as a matter of fact I plead with
At times I hate my reflection, and others I’m conceited
Half the time I’m arrogant other times I’m vengeful
At times it’s to convince me, at times its to convince you
Done a lot of wrong but I ain’t never felt resentful
It’s been so many times I’ve lost track of who to repent to
Half the time I’m in the cut, don’t want you to notice me
Roll with me and you’ll see that I’m only awkward socially
Half the time I’m spiteful, double barrel rifle
I owe so many payback I feel like I got a right to
So if you need a case in point, you can refer to Budden
And it’ll prove the painkillers never murdered nothing
All it did was make me succumb, put ice in me
Make me numb when I revisit the places it takes me from

(I ain’t tryin to Sober Up)
Strong enough to catch a contact high, you smell it as soon as you get in my ride
(I don’t want to Sober Up)
See with me the rules never apply, don’t tell me how I should live my life
(I ain’t tryin to Sober Up)
Put your seat back, got it if you need that, you should really with me
(I ain’t tryin to Sober Up)
Tell me if you wanna ride or die, la la la la la la la

(Verse 2)
Listen up as a sinner reports, my inner thoughts like an inner war
Headaches act as a trembling force on my mental ward
Mentals distraught, every word from this sinister boss
Is brought to you by the people like your ministers Porsche
Tight roping on dental floss, before the haters begin to get lost
Coke and weed got my temperament off
But why would my temper get lost, when as soon as the temperature frost
I’m probably having intercourse in a resort
Criminal repoire, pricey condos at a minimal cost
My train of thought ain’t as simple as yours
So if our paths happen to incidentally cross
I pray that you can overlook all my miniature flaws
Until then lets let the bass kick
Take a shot straight I don’t see a need to chase it
Trying to fight the urge till’ there’s something to replace it
I welcome y’all to be my co-pilots on this spaceship


(Verse 3)
Me and the game will get so blunted
We’d order take out from the Chinese stores
And make sure you bring change for a hundred
Rob him, safety on the metals off
Figured if we beat the brakes off him then how the was he gonna pedal off
Some live and die by the high, I was born by it
Since pop gave my mom the needle like “go on try it”
Got me feeling like ain’t a nigga could harm me
So I go and scoop a mami that wanna come join the army
She was so militant, disciplined and diligent
So I whispered to her bet you wouldn’t mind chillin it
I got to know her on my sofa
I gave her my honorable discharge and she took it like a soldier
See she the type you gotta watch when she come around
Really she only get high so she can come down
Lost her when I said she ain’t gotta settle
Once you start ahead in life you’ll be on the same level


(Verse 4 — Crooked I)
When I was five this is what my father said
I should have pulled you out and left you on your momma’s water bed
If you ask me my poppa’s dead
Alcoholic genes from him, since a toddler bottle fed
Put me in your stainless, I’m brainless, I’m a hollow head
My life was the craziest
Surprised I’m even walkin can you blame me if I’m atheist
But I ain’t Steven Hawkins, I know god is in my radius
I can see him often
In the face of an innocent baby but not when preachers talkin
My people sleep in coffins, I miss em, I’m breakin down
In the face of a bad I’m supposed to be takin down
Baby ridin’ while I’m cryin, I’m dyin inside
Cuz my pain is Poseidon or a giant leviathan that I’m hiding from the world
They hit me with everything but the kitchen sink
How ironic, same place I vomit when I liquor drink
Apparently I need to get a shrink
How can therapy take care of me when I don’t give a what niggaz think

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