Day_22 Hope After Suboxone Detox.wmv

0 Day 22 Hope After Suboxone Detox.wmvDay 22 and getting stronger every day, I think this week, no, I know this week will be treating me well, stay strong and face yourself, and you will be so much stronger, believe me, it gets much better than it ever was on that poison!

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  • chicagoboi5 says:

    dude subs def worse …
    dude subs def worse than methadone just cuz of the time, i just quit 6 days ago n i feel semi fine its my 3rd try n i wish i could make a vid but i gotta tablet n it wont leme upload, good luck nigga

  • CichlidChic says:

    I’m glad people …
    I’m glad people like you take the time to share your stories. I was on subs for 3.5 years, and now on day 13 of detox. I finally feel like physically getting better, but the real battle is the mental. I was to the point where the subs were not making me feel good anymore, they were hurting my body and I could tell. My doc suggested I get on methadone, said nooooo. By now you should be doing o.k! Best of luck to ya :)

  • Thomas Harkless says:

    wow you guys are …
    wow you guys are inspiring me right back and im literally floored that im helping someone so just. . .wow, just wow! lebron, keep it up man, dont matter how you feel just keep up that physical activity and the brain will follow, its kinda attached at the neck so, trust me, your doing great! puppa, lord is it hot! andyes that docs insane, grrr! chrism, hold on tight to that hope, and you cant fail! ohredbrd, I love you too mom and thanks for believing in me! thank you all!!

  • MyPuppaDawg says:

    Also….seems like …
    Also….seems like you’re going thru paws now. Keep your head up,and thanks for paving the road for the rest of us. And yes…Ohio is damned hot today. I’m in cubs.

  • MyPuppaDawg says:

    I know exactly what …
    I know exactly what video you’re talking about. That dude’s got one video talking about how addicts should stay on the for the rest of their lives and then turns around and makes a video about how he has a suboxone detox and rehab tape series for sale. seems like he’s playing both sides of the fence to me. Keep it up though. And watch out cuz addiction is like a zombie when it dies….keeps getting up and you gotta keep shooting the thing back down. Aim for the head. Also…seems like

  • DWADEnLeBRON says:

    i went to the gym …
    i went to the gym today and did some bench press and went in the dry sauna and felt amazing! it gave me a break from the nightmare i can’t wake up from. you inspired me to get out and go to the gym and i’m so glad i did . thanks

  • ChrismSaints23 says:

    your videos have …
    your videos have giving me some insight on how to beat my withdrawal and hope that I can get past this bullshit. Keep posting man, you are giving people hope.

  • DWADEnLeBRON says:

    wow i’m only on day …
    wow i’m only on day 5.. i wish i could have started when you did. i’m still having the physical withdrawal symptoms, but at this point i’m ready to take on the post acute withdrawals symptoms and be done with this physical shit.

  • ohredbrd says:

    Congrats!!! Past …
    Congrats!!! Past the 3 week mark now. You’re an amazing person, someone who really knows what he’s talking about with Suboxone addiction and withdrawl. Takes some serious balls dude, both the withdrawl and living your life clean AND tellin it like it really is! Good job man. Keep the videos comin!

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