Starting on Suboxone: early days’ titration

0 Starting on Suboxone: early days titration“we try to do it so as just to treat the symptoms (withdrawal), not to make you ‘feel good’, per se”

In order to taper, reduce your drug-habituation “dose”, you have to feel a little bit “antsy”. Just as when you are trying to lose weight, you have to feel little bit “hungry”.

“If you can get by with a little bit less, that’s what we like”. So we try not to start with just a blanket larger dose, we try to tailor the initial doses to the patient’s individual withdrawal needs. Try to wait until symptoms begin before taking the medication.

It’s not absolutely necessary treatment, ultimately it’s one you want to take as little of as possible so as to begin to lower your dose and taper off. Suboxone itself is a narcotic.

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  • Bo Buchanan says:

    Is it the same with …
    Is it the same with someone who has been on suboxone for 2 years.

  • Ryu2012SF says:

    Your statement is …
    Your statement is full of errors. Here is the self-righteous once again, Mr. Intelligent, my way is the greatest!

    I am a doctor, eat a dick. How bout you Mr. Intelligent?

  • Reembxoxo says:

    Perhaps, that …
    Perhaps, that comment was a bit judgemental- if it works for some, then that is great. As those comments were my personal account and not meant for YOU or anyone, you should probably concern yourself with things that pertain to you. Also, I cannot take you seriously due to your limited vocabulary. You even misspelled “douche”. Good riddance.

  • Ryu2012SF says:

    12 STEPS IS FOR …

    You’re a duesh bag. if 12 steps saved just one life, there is nothing wrong with it. Even this doctor in the video wouldn’t agree with your retarded self-righteous statement. your a jerk off.

  • Ryu2012SF says:

    This doctor is an …
    This doctor is an idiot. Relapse rate – 99.99 percent.

  • Reembxoxo says:

    COMMENT 5: Believe …
    COMMENT 5: Believe me, I have absolutely no desires to go backwards in life, my dreams simply will not allow it. I just need some advice in making this transition tolerable.
    I apologize for the length of this message.

  • Reembxoxo says:

    COMMENT 4:

    School …
    COMMENT 4:

    School starts again in a little less than 3 weeks, and I certainly can NOT be feeling symptoms of withdrawl during school, and I certainly cannot miss a single day of
    school, since it is Law School- nor would I accept that as an option. My question for you is, will I be okay to go down from 1 mg to .5 and finally to 0? I do not want to experience withdrawls simply because I have more important things to do. Relapsing is not an issue. continued…

  • Reembxoxo says:

    COMMENT 3:
    In any …

    COMMENT 3:
    In any case, opiates were my problem for about a year and like many, and according to my parents, suboxone was . I was 22 when I first began suboxone, and now I am 24. I was on it for 1.5 years. I just cannot believe it has been that long- it sickens me. In any case, my total loser so- called “doctor” thinks I am on 8 mg, when really I am now on 1mg. I think I will continue this for another few days (maximum 1 week) and then end it. (continued)…

  • Reembxoxo says:

    COMMENT 2:
    self- …

    COMMENT 2:
    self- awareness, inner strength, strong will, and productivity. Really, you just have to accept and learn from your mistake, and MOVE ON; begin damage control and soul searching, and you absolutely must have motivation, in order to succeed.
    The addiction only has power when you give it power by taking that power of choice away from yourself. It is simple to me- MOVE ON!!! (continued)…

  • Reembxoxo says:

    COMMENT 1: I …
    COMMENT 1: I watched a couple of your videos, and I must say, I very much agree with your approach. Firstly, I find the comparison of addiction and disease ridiculous- drug addiction is a choice, and the whole, “helpless, hopeless, disease, out-of-your-hands” approach is just a miserable and torturous one. Coming from someone who used drugs, I found all of that extremely unproductive. 12 steps is for losers who want to reminisce of their drug days. I say… (continued)

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