Best VGM 917 – Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission

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A collection of my favorite videogame music. Note that most of them are from games I played so I might miss some great ones from games I never played.

Xbox 360
Mass Effect 2 (2010)
Suicide Mission
Jack Wall

Duration : 0:4:47

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25 Responses to “Best VGM 917 – Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission”

  • azuredeath says:

    Bender: Sir, I …
    Bender: Sir, I volunteer for a suicide mission.
    [Bender's antenna stops flashing and he bangs his head with his knuckles]
    Bender: Cut it out!
    Captain Zapp Brannigan: You’re a brave robot, son. But when I’m in command every mission’s a suicide mission.

  • LimeLou says:

    @ayadew You’re …
    @ayadew You’re right, I forgot about that one :)

  • beastman93FZero says:

    Played this game …
    Played this game for hours and hours at a time on the PC. Super addicting game and I remember the epicness that followed when this theme played haha good choice Supra :)

  • krits says:

    loving the mass …
    loving the mass effect series so far. hope ME3 is just as awesome

  • Waveth says:

    Ah was waiting for …
    Ah was waiting for you to put this one up.

  • Kalmyel says:

    Literally the best …
    Literally the best song on your entire list thus far. Clint Mansell has some HUGE shoes to fill in ME3.

  • CodeVyse says:

    Great choice. Love …
    Great choice. Love this song, love this game, love this series. Can not wait for the epic conclusion

  • radicalgarbage02 says:

    @Kalmyel Clint …
    @Kalmyel Clint Mansell has feet far bigger than the shoes he’s filling. Are you crazy? If anything, he’ll take the soundtrack to new heights!

  • detectivekr says:

    @SupraDarky DA2 is …
    @SupraDarky DA2 is well polished and has high presentation values much like Mass Effect. It will keep you entertained until the end, but there are some serious flaws to it. Re-used environments and enemies are a big one, along with a fumbled final chapter. I do believe, however, that EA is only partially responsible for the mistakes in the final product. A good storyline should have been written before the game was even started, so EA’s rushing shouldn’t be the cause to that blunder.

  • ZeZwede says:

    The Star wars of …
    The Star wars of modern times. Mass Effect is the best game “world/universe” created in a looong time. These games are so great the music alone gives me goosebumps. And gamemusic never really do these days.

  • gwed0 says:

    @detectivekr Two …
    @detectivekr Two big grievances with your statement, them being “well polished” and “high production values” in reference to DA2. Everything else seems to be in order.

  • charger619c says:

    My favorite game …
    My favorite game series of all time. I’ve never beat a game and then immediately started a new game just to play it again. I can’t wait to become obese and have no social life when ME 3 comes out.

  • Pyropuncher says:

    Makes me feel like …
    Makes me feel like I could fight 100 men and still live.

  • CleverDjembe says:


  • MountainWolf100 says:

    Really need to play …
    Really need to play Mass Effect 1 again then 2 and once i am done with that hopefully mass effect 3 will not be far off

  • ayadew says:

    @LimeLou This and …
    @LimeLou This and the club song is great

  • LimeLou says:

    One of the ony …
    One of the ony memorable songs from Mass Effect 2

  • simbot15 says:

    Ahhh I really need …
    Ahhh I really need to finish ME2 now lol

  • ClankytheGorn says:

    I am SUCH a huge …
    I am SUCH a huge fan of mass effect. My favorite thing ever! Finally you put music from it!!! :D

  • GameMasterSoko says:

    I thought Dragon …
    I thought Dragon Age 2 was good.

  • kizard132 says:

    Put “Grand Fantasia …
    Put “Grand Fantasia – BGM 3″

  • Frieza102 says:

    Oh man, you picked …
    Oh man, you picked my favorite song from ME2. All I have to do is hear those opening chords and I’m set.

    Thumbs up, and keep the good tracks coming.

  • IntuitionJo says:

    Okay, THAT was …
    Okay, THAT was really, really, REALLY weird. I was just going on to youtube thinking, “Gee, I sure would like to listen to suicide mission.” I linked to youtube, and I saw your video in the subscription box. “No way!” I thought. This happened ten seconds before I started writing this comment, and I had just beaten the first mass effect again today. TODAY. Supra, you are a mind-reading GOD!

  • danetucker says:

    I still have to …
    I still have to play ME2, but I LOVED the first game.

  • FalcoPWNNch says:

    @Ostnizdasht206 …
    @Ostnizdasht206 SupraDarky was first by 30 something seconds. =P

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