Heavy Suicide – Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Award TF2 Replay Entry

0 Heavy Suicide   Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Award TF2 Replay EntryThis is my entry into (and future winner of) the First Annual Saxxy Awards:


I have nominated myself in all 20 categories, and I think it’s quite evident that my entry exhibits the finest of qualities in every single one.

You’ve seen the hit motion picture. Now check out this exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of Heavy Suicide!

Duration : 0:0:20

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25 Responses to “Heavy Suicide – Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Award TF2 Replay Entry”

  • Bambiraptor0 says:

    An amazing sandman …
    An amazing sandman stun! you have to see this! /watch?v=SmimoB68CqM

  • balthor98 says:

    Heavy meet porn. …
    Heavy meet porn. Enjoy and fun!! – HeavyAdventures!!


  • Commenter237 says:

    How DID YOU MAKE …

  • Thoopje says:

    I don’t something …
    I don’t something like this is allowed i mean by spawning gman through console mixing sounds :/

  • 123Arch1k says:


  • Discokipp says:

    lol 666 likes
    lol 666 likes

  • Jyagos1 says:

    Yep, that’s a …
    Yep, that’s a favorite.

  • deadbunny82 says:

    uh first thing it …
    uh first thing it must be made with tf2 raplay and its not and second ya can only join 1 category so suck that

  • Matexterminator says:

    you’ll win at least …
    you’ll win at least the comedy one, this is awesome

  • MirOnOvf says:

    /watch?v= …
    Comrades, Unite and get that hat!

  • ObadiahtheSlim says:

    If this doesn’t win …
    If this doesn’t win anything then I will be upset.

  • j4is1m4R says:


  • Fakyr10 says:

    Watch my video …
    Watch my video watch?v=r3ABcjZ4eUs and leave your link in my comment I definitely watch it ;)

  • aa1469 says:

    @deadbunny82 …
    @deadbunny82 actually… you can join all categorys, but you most not post 2 movies under same category. also, it is allowed to use the same vidio in more then 1 category. at least if the movie match the category

  • tf2thewon says:

    Please watch ** …
    Please watch **Karma**

  • aa1469 says:

    @deadbunny82 …
    @deadbunny82 actually… you can submit your entry in all the categories you want to, but you cant submit two videos under the same category. And this is actually made of the TF2 replays system. It is just been adjusted a bit.

  • CiReReBoT1928 says:

    Guys watch mine too …
    Guys watch mine too
    I will provide cake and lemonade to everyone who watches it.

  • twichTF2 says:

    Go watch this pls

    Go watch this pls
    free cookiezzzz

  • twichTF2 says:

    /watch?v= …

    When I reach 1000 views I will subscribe 2 random ppl in comment section

  • csintianyja says:


  • gosunlight says:

    Scout kicked by …
    Scout kicked by fish

  • MrGibbsOfficial says:

    /watch?v= …

    Comment on mine and I’ll comment on yours

  • balthor98 says:

    Heavy meet porn. …
    Heavy meet porn. Enjoy and fun!! – HeavyAventures!!


  • PurexOvvnage says:


  • gunnery18 says:

    @stopeatingthepizza …
    @stopeatingthepizza Source Filmaker is a completely different tool that you can do anything and add scripts to a tf2 map. He can like make any 100% epic tf2 videos with it cause he’s the one controlling everyone using bot scripts.

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