How to defeat suicide bombers – Sheik Gumi

0 How to defeat suicide bombers   Sheik GumiSaharaTV speaks to Sheik Gumi on Nigeria’s Mali intervention, as well as his thoughts on Nigerian politics.

Duration : 0:35:45

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  • Nike Rush Kita says:

    This guy is saying …
    This guy is saying rubbish cos his views cannot be substantiated. If the military are taking from the streets so that they would allow BOKOHARAM papetrate more evil abi. You have fail.He cannot only prove his allegations, they are all baseless. The issue of Yakowa, Azazi and Gowon being in one place is not an evidence. This guy is miss leading the muslims and the ignorant Nigerian. The fact that VP Sambo, Gov Yero and Gen Danbazau are together does not means they are plotting against the xtains

  • stalkingalizee says:

    Why us Nigeria …
    Why us Nigeria getting involved? Uh, maybe because they don’t want these jihadis destablising their country next! France will help… maybe.

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