Inspirational Stop Bullying Video (Suicide Prevention Video)

0 Inspirational Stop Bullying Video (Suicide Prevention Video)Suicide Hotlines:
1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)



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24 Responses to “Inspirational Stop Bullying Video (Suicide Prevention Video)”

  • Xadesg says:

    I feel alone and …
    I feel alone and useless this just saved my life but… I still need someone to talk to about my feelings…. REALLY BAD :’(

  • xXParadoXx says:

    suicide . / …
    suicide . / suicidecrisiscenter/distraction . html if you are at risk, this site can help a lot. Please reach out.

  • Derek Mccoll says:

    Please someone …
    Please someone answer I need to know what the phone numbers are are they Canadian or American

  • hannah wafler says:

    If you are against …
    If you are against bullying can you check out my page and watch my vids plz

  • jade hernandez says:

    besy video
    besy video

  • Anel Guhdija says:


  • xSwagAllNight says:

    i will share this.
    i will share this.

  • sean mcintyre says:

    Clearly the 8 …
    Clearly the 8 people who dislike this video haven’t loss a friend to suicide

  • Donna Naughton says:

    My friend posted …
    My friend posted this on Facebook. Watched it and I literally broke into tiers. This video is amazing. Whoever made this should get some kind of an award or something. <3

  • Jedmania12 says:

    This has meant so …
    This has meant so much to me.. I have considered suicide before I’m not going to lie and it was a real wake up call of what could happen.. I would like to thank you so much! 3

  • Anel Guhdija says:

    You guys are …
    You guys are amazing for watching this, and realizing it’s not worth it. I love you all, I am here for you tell your friends.

  • patrick clancy says:

    just after watching …
    just after watching this film, last year has got to be possible the worse year i have ever seen for suicides, especially in young people. life does be tough at times, and probably wont improve for awhile, but if you keep everything tucked up inside, of course life is going to be tough, friends are there for a reason, speak out and let them all what is going on, as the saying goes You Only Live Once, make sure you live it to the full, your only ever giving one chance in life,

  • ookaminukiba says:

    this always make …
    this always make me cry

  • Youngtempest94 says:

    This video will …
    This video will save lives

  • Shauna Gilligan says:

    Loved this video, I …
    Loved this video, I lost a bestfriend through suicide as she waa being bullied. I really believe if shet saw this video, and told someone about the bullying, it would have saved her life,. It makes me sick to this day to think that those people who made my bestfriends life hell, can get on with their lives as if nothing happened, while I have to accept part of me has gone with her.. it’s not fair but this video will saves lives. well done man :) x

  • Anel Guhdija says:

    Whats going on …
    Whats going on talk to me..

  • Renee Mergens says:

    I can honestly say …
    I can honestly say this did make me cry, because it meant so much. recently, especially tonight I’ve been thinking about ending it all. but this really did change my outlook on things. thanks.

  • ninjabeast10101 says:

    I need help. Hell …
    I need help. Hell seems to be coming on all sides on me and I can’t take it. Someone please help me!!!

  • tinedsl says:

    you made the world …
    you made the world a little better

  • Anel Guhdija says:

    Yiruma “A River …
    Yiruma “A River Flows In You”

  • Anel Guhdija says:

    Yiruma A River …
    Yiruma A River Flows In You

  • Nay lazzam says:

     u r amazing , …
     u r amazing , what song is that

  • becci taylor says:

    What song is this ?
    What song is this ?

  • 20ariana12 says:

    Thank you…. You …
    Thank you…. You made me feel like my life is worth living

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