Is Suicide Selfish?

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A response to much of the response to this vlog:

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  • Thutil says:

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  • justintrouble8 says:

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  • 401JamesMr says:

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  • 12301231234 says:

    That was a good way …
    That was a good way to put the question, not ‘is suicide selfish’ but should we judge people in pain for being selfish? It’s like if someone demands attention without regard for others, that’s usually selfish. But if they just fell down the stairs and broke their leg, they have every right to be self centered and demanding attention from others. They’re in extreme pain and need help.

  • justintrouble8 says:

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  • 401JamesMr says:

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  • IAmMongeese says:

    I’ve always viewed …
    I’ve always viewed suicide as a right. I’ve never understood why people that commit suicide are called suicide victims. It probably isn’t something that one wants to do in haste. I imagine most people who commit suicide have spent a while coming to the conclusion that its what they want, and ultimately that’s what matters. If a person has any choice in this world, they should be able to choose to leave it. It may be the only time they actually allowed to exercise control over their life.

  • Tonezdel says:

    If you kill …
    If you kill yourself you for sure will go to I have spoken with people who have killed themselves and lived to talk about it……

  • justintrouble8 says:

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  • Fionna Lewis says:

    no its not
    no its not

  • brigeboy95 says:

    well thats the …
    well thats the point its normally not visble to the outside as much as the sufferer wants to make it felt

  • InsertTruthHere says:

    How come Pogobat …
    How come Pogobat has so many subscribers and so few views on his videos?

  • 401JamesMr says:


  • modkip25 says:

    yeah I guess… but …
    yeah I guess… but if the “love ones” didn’t notice the state of the sufferer or didn’t bother to help then maybe they didn’t do a good job of being there at all and didn’t deserve the person that kill himself? hmm.. :/

  • Luke Froelich says:

    I saw the video …
    I saw the video title and came to post essentially what you clarified at 1:55. Good discussion — I think talking about depression and other mental illnesses is really valuable and important.

  • JMThought says:

    Finally, (point 3 …
    Finally, (point 3 of 2 I guess..?) please don’t take those comments as a personal attack. I think your videos are great and you meant no offence to people. I’m not calling you out as a horrible person I just feel you greatly underestimate the issue (credit as you acknowledge it being contentious) and its complexity. Your words create a precedence people are judged by, to prejudge suicidal people, especially falsely is something I do not think you’d want to be doing.

  • JMThought says:

    Point 2 of 2:
    Your …

    Point 2 of 2:
    Your argument that your video was not ‘aimed at people contemplating suicide’ is a terrible argument. Your audience will statically contain people contemplating suicide. If as you say from your research it will do damage to those people you have a responsibility to those people. Your comments may cause offence and perpetuate sterotypes, defending it by saying its fine because it wasn’t aimed at them seems hypocritical considering your normal progressive stance on stuff like this.

  • JMThought says:

    Point 1 of 2:
    I …

    Point 1 of 2:
    I think theres a key point to make here: you assume it is a choice.
    Some sufferers of various mental problems take their own life in a state that isn’t ‘normal’. If you ask people who self harm or contemplate suicide from my experience they would often say: ‘its a unstoppable urge’ or ‘i felt something within me telling me to do it’.
    Its not selfish if you don’t control it.
    I feel your arguments are based on a very specific and simplistic concept of self.

  • 6AWoolen says:

    ive had a convo …
    ive had a convo with a bunch of my friends, and they get a little freaked out, but im really open. im only 21 right now, but ive always had the mindset, that if im older, like my 60′s etc, and no one is depending on me and i feel accomplished, and at peace. im going to go skydiving without my parachute. a really high altitude, fly around for a minute, then fli on my back and look at the sky. i think flying and seeing that as my last image would be nice. we all die. i dont think its selfish

  • Xioun123 says:

    What about people …
    What about people who rely on others, such as those with certain disabilities, who wish to end their lives in order to no longer burden those they love? Is that a selfish act?

  • brigeboy95 says:

    my view on sucide …
    my view on sucide in general as i made two attemp is it can be contributed to a medical reason like ptsd or as you said Depression or even being on the autistic spectrum is the act selfish for the loved members yes but does it feel selfish and viewed selfish by the sufferer of the ordeal no

  • brigeboy95 says:

    its inherent in …
    its inherent in your genes it seems

  • Sean Dolan says:

    yeah fair enough, …
    yeah fair enough, it’s fine

  • Alexis Andrus says:

    I agree that …
    I agree that suicide is selfish. While there are countless different circumstances, I know far too many people that are permanently effected by a family member’s suicide.
    Getting help by any means is always better than ending your life.
    This is your life that you are choosing to end, but ultimately it is your life you can chose to turn around.

  • only20frickinletters says:

    I am not saying …
    I am not saying that you should think of them as selfish, or that you should say that a person who acts selfishly sometimes is a selfish person. I think, actually, that either everyone or no one is a selfish person, but I digress. I should not have called your friend selfish, and for that I am sorry. The aim here is not to blame the victim, but rather perhaps to provide another reason for the living to live.

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